Playing Catch Up

 Hi friends! 

On this fine Monday afternoon we are going to do a little “catch up on Kathleen’s life because she’s been a terrible blogger” post.  So forgive me if everything is totally and completely random.   

1.  Last Sunday I spent the day with some friends at Universal Studios.  It was a BLAST!  Mostly because we spent the majority of our time in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  I’m not much of a Universal fan (and yes that’s because I would for Disney).  They just don’t give the same type of service as we do working for the Mouse.   We did ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey 4 times, three of which were right in a row.  We pretty much closed the place down.  Literally.  We were some of the last ones on the ride before they closed the ride down for the night.  

2.  On Wednesday, the annual YES Program picnic took place.  Everyone who works with the YES Program was invited and everyone brought some type of dish to go with hamburgers and hot dogs that our management team provided.  The interns were in charge of making up some fun “picnic games” but we failed miserably in our assignment and the only thing we managed to do successfully was a water balloon toss.  We also got a special surprise from our boss, Mickey Mouse and some great presents from our managers!  We were given a cute YES Program cup and our very own Mousecar!  Like an Oscar but with Mickey on top.  Apparently we are the first inter group to get these little beauties! 🙂

3.  After the picnic, Suzanne and I went to the Orlando Fringe Festival.  It’s a festival filled with different plays.  Some our plays that every knows (ie. Little Shop of Horrors), but most are orignially written/produced ones.  A friend of mine wrote her very own play.  It is called Lil’ Women: A Rap Musical.  And it’s exactly what you’re thinking it is.  The story of Little Women, set to music!  Rap music that is!  It was AMAZING!! The actors and the songs were prefect!   And I was so impressed with how well she stuck to the story line.  

4.  On Thursday some friends and I went out on the town!  We went to place called Cowboys, which is  a country bar with crazy amounts of line dancing.  I swear, there is a line dance for EVERY single country song these days. On top of that, everyone at Cowboys (except for our group) seemed to know how to do them all.  Even got all dressed up in my cowboy boots and jean dress!  

5.  Saturday I did absolutely nothing and it was delightful.  I slept late and then parked myself on the couch and only got up to shower, eat food and use the bathroom.  I browsed my Nook for new books that I want to read and I actually found a ton!!  In fact, I literally finished a whole book in one sitting.  

It’s a trilogy.  The first two are out but not the third.  Pretty sure I like this book more than I liked the Hunger Games. And I LOVED the Hunger Games. 
6.  And I have saved the best part of the last few days last!So as you all know, I am just on an internship right now for the YES Program.Said internship ends in two weeks.  So I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to find a job for afterwards. (You read all about my options here).
But today I got the BEST NEWS EVER! Starting on June 10th, that’s the day after my internship ends.  
I will be going back to Epcot Guest Relations!!  
I am over the moon excited!  I thought I was going to have to go about this a long and drawn out way.  That is, work in an area I don’t really enjoy for a while and then re-apply for Guest Relations after a few months.  
God is good though and I get to just jump right back in where I left off.
Well, hope you enjoyed that massive update.  I promise to be way more consistent from now on! 🙂
Have a great Monday!I know I will.


Bahama Mamas

I know, I know.  
 I said I would be back last Friday but I think I was still stuck on my cruise. 
I had my phone on airplane mode the entire time (otherwise I would have been charge an arm and a leg in international fees) so I had zero access to to Facebook, Email, Instagram, and of course Blogger.
But I’m backing in the swing of things now and ready to jump back into blogging. 
Lets kick off with a recap of my AMAZING vacation.
So I am fully on the whole cruise band wagon.It is seriously the best way to travel.  Especially if you live in Florida because we have so many departure ports here.  Plus it’s all inclusive (save for excursions).  So you can EAT ALL YOU WANT!
Everyone needs to cruise at least once in their lives! 🙂
Alright so on to the goods.
oh and I’m sorry for the picture over load. I probably should have divided this post into three, but oh well! 
Enjoy! 🙂
Here were just a few of my cruise essentials!

Here we are on our way to Port Canaveral.

Finally boarding our ship.
The Carnival Ecstasy!
And here is our teeney tiny room.
But we came to love and adore out little space.

Watching as we pull out of the port.
Last picture for Instagram!

First dinner on the boat.
I did take picture of pretty much every meal, but I didn’t want to totally bore y’all with pictures of just food! 
Lemme tell ya though, all the food was AWESOME! 
We had an appitizer, an entre, and a dessert with every night.

Watching the Welcome Aboard show.
Kelly loves her karaoke!
(we did this pretty much every night. Yeah not my favorite thing.)

Day 1:
First breakfast!

Eggs Benedict.

Our first port was Freeport, Bahamas.
We spent the whole day on one of the prettiest beaches I’ve ever seen in my life!

And here is the result of that day.
The backs of my legs got it just as bad.
Luckily now it’s a nice golden tan.
Dinner numero dos was formal night.
I had lobster and shrimp.

There was a casino on board.
I’m not much of a gambler, but we spent quite a bit of time in here.
No, I didn’t win.

Two nights they had comedians.
Who were both HILARIOUS!
They had a family-friendly show and an adults only show.
Obviously we went to the adults only show.

Late night room service! 

Day 2:
Nassau, Bahamas!
Woke up to this lovely little sight!
My next cruise will definitely be a Disney cruise!

We started with a some shopping.

And ended with a trip to Atlantis!

Back on the boat, later that night, I was on a game show!!!
And I got SECOND!!
The lady on the end there was lots older than me and most of the questions were about older movies and tv shows.  
I held my own though! 

Day 3:

Half Moon Cay, Bahamas
Started with this yummy breakfast!
On our tender to the island!

And this was by far my favorite meal!
Lobster bisque soup!

We even tried frogs legs!
They were surprisingly tasty.

And here we have Chaitebriand!
Ah, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

And for dessert, a Grand Marnier Souffle!

And this was our view every night at dinner.

Day 4:
A day at sea.
Storms every where.
It only rained once though and the sun eventually made a brief appearance.
We spent the majority of the day reading.
Which was A-OK with me! 🙂

And here was our very last night! 🙂
Wine and all.

Well there you have it! 
It was so hard coming back to the real world.
I seriously wish I could just live on a cruise ship. 
It would be delightful! 
Can’t wait for my next one, which I think will be for my 25th birthday! 🙂

Dance Dares

Have y’all heard of the Dance Dares that Ellen has started asking people to start doing?
Basically you go behind peoples backs and dance without them knowing.
So for you’re enjoyment on this fine Tuesday evening… are some of the best Dance Dares courtesy of The Ellen Degeneres Show.
Here’s how it started:

Here are some celebrities doing it:

And some of the rando ones people have sent into the show:

A couple of my friends from work and I have started doing it.
We fully intend to Dance Dare people in the Disney parks and send into Ellen!
Now go dance behind someone!I dare you. 🙂


Oh How Pinteresting!

Hellooooo Wednesday!
NO fluff and nonsense today kids.
I’m getting straight to the point.

It’s time for:

And my favorite pins for the week are:

Anytime I talk to friends from high school (save for like two) this is exactly how I feel:

These are adorable…I’ll take them all! 

One of my all time favorite movies:

I heard this ALL THE TIME during student teaching.And I hear it being said on programs too.It’s universal for students all over the world and in every grade!

I’m in love with everything in this picture:Especially the mirror and the dresser! 

If this were my office….I’d want to work from home.Although, mine would look like this probably only once a month and the rest of the time it would be chaos.Organized chaos, but chaos nonetheless.

Now THIS is a first day on the cruise kinda outfit! :)(Which is in 10 DAYS!)

Love this bedroom.The next time I re-do my room…I might go for something like this:

I want a jean jacket….and those shoes!

Alrighty friends, that’s a wrap for today!
Wish me luck cuz I’m heading to Casting this afternoon.Who knows.Maybe I’ll have a new job to gush over on Thursday! 

What’s Next

So I had this whole nice post all ready for today.I didn’t have time to post it this morning, so I thought to myself, 
“That’s ok, I’ll just post it from my IPhone.”Big mistake.
When I went to try and post it, it posted but with zero text.My entire text was deleted.
It was a good one too.And unfortunately I’m too tired to retype the entire thing. (I think I need to start saving each post as a word document on my computer.  Seeing as this is the second time this has happened.)
So I’ll just give you the highlights of said post.
I don’t know if y’all remember this but the job I currently have with Disney is an internship.Meaning that my job ends on June 9th.
And being that it’s May 1st, this means that the rest of this month will be dedicated to finding another job.
I have a couple of options.
Obviously I want/need to stay with Disney.Disney is part of who I am.Heck its part of this blog!  I mean can you imagine not reading about Disney when you stop by to read about my life.Yeah, me neither!
I’ve already applied for two very different job with Disney.The first is for the Wild Africa Trek.Which is a backstage tour of the Kilimanjaro Safaris.You get up close and personal with some of the animals!Kinda like this:

 Ha…just kidding.But you do get pretty close to the animals.
The other job is a Coordinators position with the Disney Institute.  It’s similar to Youth Programs except for adults.  Basically they teach companies how to do it the Disney way (that’s what she said….sorry I had to.)  I really don’t want this job at all, but I felt like I had to apply because we are under the same department.
My other option is to go to Casting (where you go when you want a job with Disney) and see what they have available in Full time and Part time jobs.I’m actually doing this tomorrow. I have an “interview” of sorts.
Now my ultimate goal is to get back into Guest Relations.And the only way to do this is to get a job, pretty much anywhere within Disney and then get what’s called a Temporary Assignment and THEN get a full time job in Guest Relations.
I know it sounds awful and I am going to have to be very VERY patient.But for me it’s worth it.
I could always give up on Disney and get a teaching job.I wouldn’t be living pay check to pay check if I did this.I’d be able to buy a car and pay off my student loans a little quicker.
But I’m happy with my life right now.And as long as I’m patient…I know it will pay off in the end.

Well, there you have it.That is “What’s Next” in my crazy little life.

Which I will definitely keep in mind!