Bahama Mamas

I know, I know.  
 I said I would be back last Friday but I think I was still stuck on my cruise. 
I had my phone on airplane mode the entire time (otherwise I would have been charge an arm and a leg in international fees) so I had zero access to to Facebook, Email, Instagram, and of course Blogger.
But I’m backing in the swing of things now and ready to jump back into blogging. 
Lets kick off with a recap of my AMAZING vacation.
So I am fully on the whole cruise band wagon.It is seriously the best way to travel.  Especially if you live in Florida because we have so many departure ports here.  Plus it’s all inclusive (save for excursions).  So you can EAT ALL YOU WANT!
Everyone needs to cruise at least once in their lives! 🙂
Alright so on to the goods.
oh and I’m sorry for the picture over load. I probably should have divided this post into three, but oh well! 
Enjoy! 🙂
Here were just a few of my cruise essentials!

Here we are on our way to Port Canaveral.

Finally boarding our ship.
The Carnival Ecstasy!
And here is our teeney tiny room.
But we came to love and adore out little space.

Watching as we pull out of the port.
Last picture for Instagram!

First dinner on the boat.
I did take picture of pretty much every meal, but I didn’t want to totally bore y’all with pictures of just food! 
Lemme tell ya though, all the food was AWESOME! 
We had an appitizer, an entre, and a dessert with every night.

Watching the Welcome Aboard show.
Kelly loves her karaoke!
(we did this pretty much every night. Yeah not my favorite thing.)

Day 1:
First breakfast!

Eggs Benedict.

Our first port was Freeport, Bahamas.
We spent the whole day on one of the prettiest beaches I’ve ever seen in my life!

And here is the result of that day.
The backs of my legs got it just as bad.
Luckily now it’s a nice golden tan.
Dinner numero dos was formal night.
I had lobster and shrimp.

There was a casino on board.
I’m not much of a gambler, but we spent quite a bit of time in here.
No, I didn’t win.

Two nights they had comedians.
Who were both HILARIOUS!
They had a family-friendly show and an adults only show.
Obviously we went to the adults only show.

Late night room service! 

Day 2:
Nassau, Bahamas!
Woke up to this lovely little sight!
My next cruise will definitely be a Disney cruise!

We started with a some shopping.

And ended with a trip to Atlantis!

Back on the boat, later that night, I was on a game show!!!
And I got SECOND!!
The lady on the end there was lots older than me and most of the questions were about older movies and tv shows.  
I held my own though! 

Day 3:

Half Moon Cay, Bahamas
Started with this yummy breakfast!
On our tender to the island!

And this was by far my favorite meal!
Lobster bisque soup!

We even tried frogs legs!
They were surprisingly tasty.

And here we have Chaitebriand!
Ah, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

And for dessert, a Grand Marnier Souffle!

And this was our view every night at dinner.

Day 4:
A day at sea.
Storms every where.
It only rained once though and the sun eventually made a brief appearance.
We spent the majority of the day reading.
Which was A-OK with me! 🙂

And here was our very last night! 🙂
Wine and all.

Well there you have it! 
It was so hard coming back to the real world.
I seriously wish I could just live on a cruise ship. 
It would be delightful! 
Can’t wait for my next one, which I think will be for my 25th birthday! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Bahama Mamas

  1. oh my gosh! How awesome! I am so jealous of your cruise, I would love to go on another one. Last time I went i was like 8 years old, so I am sure I would have way more fun now! Also welcome back, I just made a comeback to the blogging world today too 🙂 Hope you are resting up after your cruise!


  2. I loved looking through all of theses pictures! It looks like you had SUCH a good time :)I've only been on 1 cruise and I totally agree…definitely the way to go! Everything is planned out for you!My next cruise WILL be a Disney one, too ;)Forreal!Andddd I think you look SO cute in the white floppy hat! Love!Glad to have you back, girl!xo


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