Remember Me?

Hello there!

Remember me?I’m the owner and operator of this here blog.I know, I know its been like two weeks since I’ve posted.
Weddings, sickness, and getting back to my normal routine has gotten in the way.But I’m back and ready to blog my booty off! 
Lemme just update you lovelies on my life the last two weeks!
1.  My best friend got married!It was beautiful, romantic, sweet, and just wonderful.Unfortunately I only got pictures until the ceremony.The reception was so fun I completely forgot to keep taking pictures!
But the official pictures are ready and they are GORGEOUS! 🙂
1. Bachelorette dinner.

2. Getting manis/pedis.
3.The wedding party at the rehearsal dinner.
4.The girls
And here are a few in the hotel room before the ceremony!
5. These next few pictures are why we are best friends! 

6. Just missing the dresses!
7. This was one of her first pictures! 
Ashley looked amazing!
8. Who knew my little ol Canon could take a shot like that! 🙂
9. Ready to go!
10. Besties!
11. Maid of Honor duty at it’s finest! 
12. Jenny’s next! 🙂
14. One of the only ceremony pictures that was snapped.
15. Only picture of the reception, first dance.

Everyone had a blast.My Maid of Honor speech was a big hit! Oh and right after the MOH and Best Man speeches, Ashley totally and completely surprised me by having the entire room sing Happy Birthday to me!I mean how sweet is that!It was her day and yet she took the time to make me feel just a little special.Now that is a good best friend! 🙂
Again the whole wedding was a huge hit.I know everyone had a blast!

2. I turned 24 years old! Weird!I had someone ask me how old I was the other day and I gotta admit, it felt pretty strange saying 24.Best part of the day was getting to spend it at home!My mom invited my cousins, my aunt and uncle, and some friends over for dinner.Then later that night my grandmother came into town.When I got home my wonderful roommates took me out for a birthday tea at the Grand Floridian!

3.  I went to the midnight showing of The Hunger Games.(sidenote: I think I’m done with midnight premiers.  I was exhausted the next day and annoyed with all the crazies in the theatre).I loved the books and thought the movie was pretty good.From the Harry Potter movies, I’ve learned to NEVER have high expectations for movie adaptations to books.They are never as good.I was happy with some things and disappointed with others.Overall though, not to shabby.

4. Alright, I’ve been waiting to share this last item with y’all!Ready?I GOT AN IPHONE!  :)Yes, I have joined the IPhone family and am absolutely LOVING every minute of it!Draw Something, Words with Friends, Hey Tell…LOVE LOVE LOVE! 🙂

Yes, it has been a pretty exciting two weeks! But I’ve missed blogging.So I’m glad to be back!
Hope you all had a great Monday!

One of my BFFLs

I’d like to introduce you to one of my BFFLs.or my Best Friend For Life.
This is Ashley:

(she’s wearing bridal Minnie ears!)
She’s getting married on Saturday and I am her MOH.
Ashley is a year older than me and we’ve been going to school together for as long as I can remember.We weren’t BFFLs until high school and I mean LATE in high school.  Like my Senior year/ her first year of college.(Which I forget ALL THE TIME).
But I can remember the exact moment we realized we have a ridiculous amount in common and the we should probably be best friends.
I was a junior and she was a senior and we were on in San Angelo, TX for the regional UIL competition in theatre.It was late and we were all piled into one hotel room.Ashley and I were both wearing 1. our retainers and 2. our glasses.
We then proceeded to realize that we both had an unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter and with boys with accents.  (There was a ton of other stuff but those are the two that stick out the most!)
The rest is BFFL history! 
Here are the top 10 reasons Ashley and I are BFFLs:
1. As previously mentioned we have an unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter.  We had release parties complete with HP themed food, decorations and all of Ashley HP memorabilia (she had a TON of it! Even a signed photo of Rupert Grint she got by sending a letter to his fan club).
2.  We both love to read and our go to hang out place is Barnes and Noble.  We could seriously spend hours upon hours in that place.
3.  She is one of the most thoughtful people I know.  When I moved to FL, she sent me a house warming /congrats on your new job care package.
4.  Our brothers are best friends!  
5.  We wear the same size, so when I’m home it’s super easy to share clothes.  
6.  I can tell her ANYTHING and know that she will love me anyway.
7.  Our other unhealthy obsession is Disney.  She has come to visit me twice. Once when I was on my College Program and once last summer when I moved to Florida.  Her wedding is going to have minor elements of Disney magic! 🙂
8.  We are both certified teachers.  Only she teaches the little ones (kindergarten) and I teach the older ones.  She has the cutest classroom in the world!
9.  All while I went away to school, when I came to Florida (the first two times), when I went away to camp for a summer, and finally when I moved to Florida permanently, she and I have stayed best friends.  Neither time nor distance have changed that.  Distance usually hurts friendships but I am happy to say that this is the exact opposite of our friendship! 🙂
10.  Ashley is the sister I never had and we are basically the same person.Her new husband is going to be the luckiest guy in the world! 🙂

There are a ridculous amount of picture of the two of us.  But these are some of my favorites! 🙂

A Birthday and Smell the Roses!

On this fine Monday, one of my very best friends is celebrating her 24th birthday!
Happy Birthday Monica!
I wish I could be with you to celebrate your day!But you have lots of happy birthday wishes coming your way from Florida.
I miss you lots!

So one of my favorite bloggers, Jessica over at Lovely Little Things,  hosts a weekly link up called Smell the Roses.  

Lovely Little Things

Basically she gives everyone a little task that makes you stop and appreciate all the little things and/or the wonderful people in your life.  And ever since she started the link up I have told myself I was going to participate.But either I would forget or put it off.
Well this week her Smell the Roses task was to thank 3 people who have had a positive impact on your life.
This was the week I FOR SURE wanted to participate in.And I am happy to say I did it! 🙂
Thing is when I sat down to think of 3, I just couldn’t narrow it down.So I chose 5 instead!  
Each of the girls I chose have all been roommates of mine (save for one) and I know my life would not have been the same without any of them.
I wrote each an individualized note (using my adorable new note cards) and sent them off in the mail.(Save for Suzanne because she is my currant roommate and Ashley because I’m seeing her the day after tomorrow for her wedding!)


Thanks Jessica for creating such a great link up! 🙂  If you haven’t visited Jessica’s blog, I suggested you do that now!She’s super fun and so is her blog.
Now go Smell the Roses.Photobucket

Picture a Day (Week 10)

Well it’s been a rainy and dreary Sunday for all of us here in Florida.And by what I’ve seen on Facebook, it’s been like that pretty much all over the place!
I have spent a lovely, lazy, Sunday on my couch and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
So yesterday I had a few errands to run around Orlando.
My best friend is getting married next weekend and I had to pick up a few things for her bachelorette party!I asked a few of my friends from work if they knew were I could get a few things.They suggested a place called Fairvilla.I called up the roommates and they met me there.Boy were we in for a surprise.
Fairvilla is an all out sex shop.Complete with everything you’d think a sex shop would have.And since this blog is pretty much PG, I won’t go into any detail.  But you can use your imagination as to what all this particular shop might sell.I was pretty grossed out the entire time we were in there.Especially when we saw this old man purchasing some particularly detailed magazines.Blegh.
Anyway they had a lovely selection of bachelorette goodies. And since this particular best friend reads my little ol’ blog daily, I can’t tell ya all I bought.She’s gonna love everything though!  ; )
When I do a wedding recap post you’ll see the goodies

Alrighty now onto the 10th week of my Picture a Day project.

3/5/12:  Watched Night at the Muesum: Battle of the Smithsonian. This happens to be a favorite of mine and a group of my best friends.  It was one of the first movies we saw as roommates.  And to this day we still quote it.  Especially the lines from from this guy:  Kahmunrah (Hank Azaria).  If you’ve never seen it he’s the bad guy with the most hilarious voice in the world. 

3/6/12: Found out that I am a writer of religious non-fiction.  I haven’t read my own work but apparently I’m a bestseller! 🙂

3/7/12:  Sushi, dessert at Ghirardelli, and The Tudors makes for a very pleasant evening.  I’ve seen this show about a thousand times and it just gets better and better.

3/8/12:  Cast karaoke event at Epcot. I didn’t sing (didn’t want to break any glass) but it was fun listening to others make fools of themselves.
  The International Flower and Garden Festival has begun! 
Guests are greets by scenes and sounds from Fantasia this year.

3/9/12:  Spent the night in Downtown Orlando.  Dinner at Urban Flats where I enjoyed a turkey, pear, and brie flatbread drizzled with honey mustard sauce.  It was heavenly.  Then we finished up the night with a hilarious improv show at SAK Comedy Club. 

3/10/12:  2012 Bowl-a-thon!  I joined a few of my fellow YES Facilitators for 2 fun filled hours of bowling!  Every year Disney VoluntEARs participate in the Bowl-a-thon to help raise money for the Junior Achievement of Central Florida. They host programs for students that show them the link between what their learning in their classrooms and the real world.
3/11/12:  A few things about this picture.  1. This is the veiw from my balcony and when I look out, I feel like I live in the woods.  2. You can’t really tell but it’s been raining ALL DAY.  Thank goodness Once Upon a Time and GCB are on tonight.  
And with that I leave you to begin preparing a lovely dinner (for one) and get ready to watch the two best shows on TV!

KONY 2012

So I was going to take a blogging break today.Didn’t really have anything super exciting or interesting to talk about.
That is until I got home, took a little nap, made a BLT and sat in front of my computer.
I was checking Facebook/checking out my daily blog reads and I noticed a trend.
KONY 2012
Lots of my friends are sharing the Kony 2012 link on Facebook and a few of y’all have posted the video on your blogs.So I watched the video.
And let me tell you……
I have never been more moved.
I’m posting the video and strongly encourage all of my lovely followers to take just 30 minutes to do the same.  

Then go check out their website here.
This is where you can make a small donation, buy the action kit or the bracelet, or just learn a little bit more about the project.
You won’t regret watching the video.I promise. 🙂 Photobucket

Sometimes and Always #2

Sometimes:  I make a list of everything I need to do when I get home from work.
Always:  I end up sitting on the couch and do nothing at all.

Sometimes: I tell myself I’m going to give up soda.
Always:  I buy a bottled/fountain Dr. Pepper whenever I get the chance.

Sometimes:  I set my alarm for at least an hour and half before I have to leave for work.
Always: I hit snooze at least twice, but somehow make it to work on time everyday.

Sometimes: I think about what it would be like if I lived alone. 
Always: I love having roommates and know I would get UBER lonely.  

Sometimes: I think reality shows like Jersey Shore, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and pretty much all others (except for The Amazing Race and Dancing with the Stars, those I love) are really stupid.
Always: I end up watching them when nothing else is on TV.

Sometimes: I get homesick.
Always: I go out and do something that reminds why I love living in Florida!Like this:

St. Augustine, FL! 

Till tomorrow,

A Picture a Day (Week 9)

Hello lovely ladies! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Mine was A Ok.I worked, relaxed, grabbed dinner with friends, the usual.
Now, I wanna talk about the weather for just a tiny second.One of the reasons I love living in Florida is because it stays warm here pretty much year round.But over the last two days, we’ve had the weirdest, stupidest (yes I just used that word), most awkward weather in the world.
On Saturday it was 90 degrees and HOT. Like walk outside and immediately start sweating hot.Then yesterday it completely flip flopped.It was cloudy, raining, cold and WINDY!Gross.
So Dear Florida,Can you please get your shiz together and have consistent warm/sunny (not uber hot/humid or cold/windy) weather like you’re supposed to be having in March.I would appreciate it.
 Now that that is out of the way.
Onto Picture a Day!

2/27/12:  Afternoon spent at Barnes and Noble.  My all time favorite store.
2/28/12:  My fellow YES Interns and I getting paid to play in the Magic Kingdom.
2/29/12:  Celebrating Leap day at Cirque de Soleil. 

3/1/12:  Sushi with some of the girls from Epcot! 🙂 (PS. I’m still eating sushi like twice a week.  I’m obsessed.)
3/2/12: Evening at the Boardwalk Resort with the roommates.  
3/3/12:  Ale House and the KU/ UT (Texas) basketball game. I was forced to wear the KU shirt, even though I was rooting for UT. They lost.
3/4/12:  To celebrate Kelly’s (she’s on the left of Cinderella) birthday we went and met the Disney Princesses at Magic Kingdom.  Yep we celebrated like she was turning 4 and not 24! 🙂

I know I’ve said this already but I am loving this Picture a Day project.It’s so fun.I was at Urban Outfitters a few days ago and I found a photo album that said,”Picture a Day” on it.  I think that’s definitely a sign that I need to buy it and make my virtual project a real one! 

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.
Have a happy Monday friends!
PS. I’m linking up with Jenni over at Story of My Life, to show off my pics! 🙂 Photobucket

Best SNL Skit EVER!

My roommate posted this on my Facebook wall this morning.
Since I work for Disney and talk about it fairly often, I thought it would be appropriate to share with y’all.
Plus it’s HILARIOUS!
If you love the Real Housewives and you’ve seen the Disney Princess movies, you will totally appreciate this.

You’re Welcome! 🙂
Happy Sunday.

Intern Spotlight!

Remember a few days ago I told y’all I was being featured on the Disney Company website?!Well on March 1st the story went onto the site.And I want to share the story with you all!

The day before Kyle, the writer of the story, came by work and snapped some pictures of me “working”. I’m throwing those in too! 🙂

Kathleen Norris – Youth Education Series Facilitator

By: Kyle Kaminski
Date: 03/01/2012

Throughout the year, thousands of students from across the country, ranging from ages six to 18, visit Walt Disney Parks and Resorts as part of Disney’s Youth Education Series (YES). This field trip-type experience enables students to receive hands-on training and see real-life applications of knowledge using popular Disney stories and attractions. El Paso-born and bred education major, Kathleen Norris, joined the YES team this semester, thus fulfilling her dream of someday teaching at the Walt Disney World Resort.
Flash back to 2008: Kathleen was a College Program participant working as a lifeguard at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Interestingly enough, it was during her program that life took a turn for the best. Early on, Kathleen was chosen to cross-train as a children’s activity leader, and that’s when she realized that she really enjoyed working with and teaching children. In Kathleen’s own words, “I was originally a Public Relations major, until I was pulled to help with children’s activities. I realized how much passion I had for working with kids, so much, that I switched my major to education.” After her program, Kathleen attended Texas State University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in history with a Teaching Certification. While finishing her schooling, Kathleen became a campus representative at her university, and it was during this experience that she learned about the YES program.
“We had a meet and greet with campus representatives from different universities in the area, and I heard a girl talking about how she had just finished a YES internship,” explained Kathleen. She was surprised to learn there were internships for educators available at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, and realized it was exactly what she wanted to do.
Low and behold, though…there was a catch. YES only offers internships in the spring, so Kathleen was required to find an internship for the fall. To fulfill this requirement, she worked in Guest Relations at Epcot which she really enjoyed.
Adding to the intricacy of the YES internship is the application process itself. “They require an audition in order to be considered for the role,” she explains. “During the audition, you are given three to five minutes to teach the panel. You don’t just present slides and lecture; you have to actually teach. I taught them how to make a dog out of balloons.”
So what makes Disney’s education program so special? Kathleen says it’s the requirement that each intern knows how to integrate hands-on activities into their lesson plans. The YES program is set up so that you have to actually engage the students to learn, as opposed to simply listen to a lecture.
As part of the internship, each intern receives three classes to teach that are each three hours in length. Kathleen’s programs are: Properties of Motion, Energy and Waves and Millennium Cultures. Here’s an example of how a class unfolds: During her Properties of Motion class, in order for students to better grasp the concept of the laws of physics, they ride Space Mountain, once with the lights on and then once with the lights off. Kathleen then works through a series of questions to help the students understand the laws using the experience they just had. “Our programs basically show students exactly what they learn in school, but with concepts that are easy to see and comprehend,” says Kathleen.
As a history major, Kathleen faced a few challenges when she was given physics and science courses to teach. She had to teach herself subjects she hadn’t used since high school but, although challenging, she has enjoyed regaining knowledge in an area opposite to her field of study. On top of re-learning science, this internship has re-shaped her teaching style. “My teaching style will be different moving forward,” she states. “Facilitating at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts is a teaching style that requires educators to use a lot of student involvement.”
Kathleen is excited to see where she heads next after her internship and hopes to have a chance to support Guest Relations again in the future. Her advice to those interested in pursuing a Professional Internship is to network and take full advantage of all the leadership or networking opportunities offered.
“People probably get tired of being told to network, but it really is the most important thing you can do,” she explains. “If you can, apply for a campus representative role, and stay connected with The Walt Disney Company as much as possible.”
Fun Facts about Kathleen
Favorite theme park: Epcot
Favorite attraction: Mickey’s PhilharMagic
Favorite Song: “I see the light” from Tangled
Favorite movie: Sleeping Beauty
Favorite Disney snack: Cream cheese pretzels from either the American Pavilion or the Tomorrowland Launching Pad

 (Disclaimer: Article and photos belong to the Walt Disney Company)
I think the article came out great and I am super happy with it!
What do y’all think?!