Oh, How Pinteresting: Christmas Edition

Happy Wednesday/Last Day of November!
Today is going to be a great day.Know how I know that?
1. Today is the day for my favorite link up.2. Today I’m linking up for day 3 of a Holiday challenge.3. Today I’m going shopping for what both link ups are about!
Can you guess what it is?Well I guess the title pretty much gives it away huh!
So without further ado I’m linking up with Michelle from The Vintage Apple for:

AND with Neely and Amber for their:

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge
We’re on Day 3 of the challenge and today we get to share our favorite Holiday Decor.
But I’m gonna show you my favorites that I’ve found on Pinterest instead!This is where I’m getting all my ideas for our apartment and this afternoon I’m hitting up Hobby Lobby (50% off Christmas decor!) to Christmasfy everything! 
See told ya it was gonna be a good day!
So here we go!

Source: etsy.com via Kathleen on Pinterest
Source: etsy.com via Kathleen on Pinterest
Source: etsy.com via Kathleen on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Jordan on Pinterest

Looking at Christmas decor makes me very happy.Can’t wait to show y’all what the apartment looks like after all the decorations are up!
Hope your last day of November is fantabulous! 🙂

Turkey and a New Holiday Challenge

Hi Friends…
Well my first attempt cooking Thanksgiving dinner was a HUGE success.Believe it or not Suz and I actually managed to cook a 14 lb turkey!It turned out PERFECT.Unfortnately I don’t have pictures of the finished turkey(forgot to snap one..picture fail).But here are a few others!

Yeah no pictures of people….it was Thanksgiving…it’s all about food.
We had such a blast cooking all day.It definitely made being away from home for the first time a ok.  Except for the fact that in the middle of dinner I caught Suz’s head cold.And kept it for two days.  NOT ok.  
Now it’s on to my favorite holiday CHRISTMAS!! We haven’t decorated the apartment yet, but we did get out Christmas tree.It’s sans ornaments and stuff right now but come Wednesday and Thursday this apartment is gonna look like Buddy the Elf attacked it.  Also the Disney parks and hotels are all decked out. You can bet your buns photos of that will be shown soon.
Now Neely (A Complete Waste of Makeup) and Amber (Brunch with Amber)  are hosting another challenge!  I had so much fun playing along with their Fall challenge that I knew I had to play along with their CHRISTMAS challenge to here we go:

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge
I missed the first day but that’s ok because I don’t think I could have picked my all time favorite Christmas gift.
Today we get to talk about favorite Christmas traditions.I have a couple.
My parents have always made sure that we spent Christmas with both sides of our families.So it’s tradition that before Christmas we go to my Dad’s parents house and do Christmas with his side.Then we spend Christmas eve and day with just out family of 4.After Christmas we head up to Ruidoso, New Mexico and do Christmas with my mom’s family.
Other Christmas traditions we have are opening one present on Christmas eve, opening our stockings first on Christmas morning, and mom making breakfast after we’ve opened presents.
This year I won’t be there to do any of our traditions.Right now I’m not feeling sad or depressed about it, but just wait until the week of Christmas.Then I might be singing a different song.

Hope your Tuesday is great!Mine will be because it’s my Friday!Toodles.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year I have so much  to be thankful for:
-Living my dream working for Disney.
-Great roommates who make spending the holidays away from home totally ok.
-A loving family who supports and loves me.
There is tons more, but unfortunately I have a head cold  thanks to my roommate Suzanne, and I can’t think super straight.
It is not fun.
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of food, friends, family, and TURKEY!



Let’s talk about makeup.
My makeup routine is VERY SIMPLE.I use the exact same makeup everyday and I rarely change it up.
It’s consists of a little foundation, eyelid primer, brownish eyeshadow, tad bit of liner and mascara (which I NEVER leave the house without).  Then sometimes I’ll brush a little blush on my cheeks.
But that is it. It literally takes me about 7 minutes to do my makeup everyday.
So when it came time to get our makeup done for the wedding, I was surprised when Monica told me the makeup artist would be using airbrush.
It was amazing.
Seriously my skin looked flawless.She did an amazing job with all of my makeup actually.Even used fake eyelashes (which I have never used).  It felt kinda weird but you get used it after about 5 or 10 minutes.
I let the makeup artist (her name was Chelsea) take before and after pictures of my makeup.They put it on their Facebook page so people can see their work.
And I’ve decided to share that photo with you lovely ladies.Just so you can see how crazy cool airbrush is.
Now be prepared, I look pretty scary with no make up on.You have been warned:

Bah…that looks awful.  Can you see why I never go out in public without mascara on?
 Now here is the picture AFTER:

I know you’re thinking: WTF!Cuz that is what I thought when I saw it. My friend Jordan said I look like a Toddlers and Tiaras: Ultimate Grand Supreme winner.That cracked me up.
Needless to say it was weird seeing my face all done up like that.Because again I NEVER wear makeup this heavy.But you know what? I LOVE IT! 
I wish I could have a makeup artist follow me around and use airbrush on me everyday of the week.It would be delightful.
Have a great Tuesday!

My Best Friend’s Wedding

On Friday one of my best friends tied the knot with the love of her life.
Monica and Bobby have been together for 8 years and it was such a joy to see them officially become man and wife before God and all of their loved ones.
Instead of rambling on about the wedding though I’m just gonna share pictures with y’all.
Here we are at the rehearsal dinner.Best bridal party in the world! 

The morning of we went and set up a little of the reception hall.
But not for long because we had a full day of hair and makeup!
Here are 4 of 8 lovely bridesmaids.

And here we are AFTER hair and makeup.
Here’s our beautiful bride gettin her makeup did!

At the church fixin to put on her dress!

My bouquet!

Bride and MOH!

Here’s the groomy!
He cried when he saw Monica walking down the isle to him.
It was the sweetest moment I’ve ever seen.
Reception time!

Mom and Dad came to Houston for the wedding!

Got to see some old friends! 

One of my favorite couples!

Seriously y’all this was one of the most heartfelt weddings I’ve ever been too.
Everyone was so excited to see Bob and Mon exchange their vows (they wrote their own) and there was not a dry eye in the whole church.
They are def a couple to be admired.
I hope one day soon I find someone who love me as much as Bobby loves Monica!
Congrats you two!
I love you both!


Oh How Pinteresting: Wedding Edition

It’s Wednesday!
This means we are now two days away from the wedding!!Today is full of wedding stuff.We’ve got a long list of important things to get done.Most of which involve crafting of some sort.
So in honor of the wedding I have decided to make this edition of:
a WEDDING edition.
No I’m not getting married anytime soon, I don’t even have a boyfriend.womp womp.But I finally gave in and created a wedding pin board. 

So here are the pins I’m loving right now:

Hey a girl can dream can’t she?!
Happy Wednesday lovelies!

Back in the Lone Star State!

Welp, it’s wedding week!
Not mine, obviously, but my best friend Monica’s!
This whole week I’m back in Texas to watch one of my best friends marry the love of her life.I got into Texas on Friday and spent the day with this girl:

I was waiting for the rest of the bridal party to get into town, so I got to spend some quality time with another of my best friends.We went to her brother playoff game and let me tell ya, there ain’t nothin better than Texas football.

Then I went and met up with everyone else.The first night we all stayed in the same room (9 girls in one tiny room is no bueno).But we had a blast anyway.
The day of the bachelorette party we started the day with lunch at the Hula Hut.

The mall was next on our list. (sorry no photos there)Then we headed back to the hotel, where we now had 2 rooms so we didn’t have to fight over the bathroom and mirrors.

For dinner we hit up The Melting Pot! It was AH-mazing! Plus our bride had never been! 

Spinach and Artichoke Fondu

Our Coq Au Vin cooking sauce.

Plate of delicious meats and seafood.

And the best part of the whole meal…….

Smores fondu.

Then it was off to 6th street in Austin.Where I realized just how old I actually am.Seriously after two bars I was done and ready to head back to the hotel.Watching drunk people is not my idea of a good time anymore.Luckily, the bride had the same thoughts and we were back at the hotel by midnight.Yeah we’re grandmas.Whateve.

Bridal party

Over all it was a VERY successful night. Monica had a blast and so did the rest of us.
The rest of the week will entail doing any and everything she asks of me.That’s my job as the MOH!And I’m loving every minute of it! 


Trying New Things

So today was the day to try a few new things.And by a few I mean 2.
First up, I had my very first massage today.We went to Massage Envy.  Suz is a member and she gets one every month.And this month she asked me to go with her.It was interesting.
Totally relaxing but here was what was running through my mind as I was getting it:
1. It’s kinda weird laying pretty much naked under a sheet with the lights dimmed.2. I kept thinking that Phoebe from Friends is a mousse and what it would be like to have her be the one giving me the massage.3.  I’m totally relaxed and falling asleep right now.4. I really wish these were big strong man hands giving me this awesome massage and that that man was my boyfriend.Sadly it was a woman named Cathy, who was very nice and professional. But just not the same. lol
Afterward they asked if I wanted to become a member but I realized that I had just spend $40 on a massage and I would much rather spend that $40 on say…..books.
But it was nice and I’ll get one again, eventually.
Second new thing I tried was…..SUSHI!I’ve had California Rolls but that’s about it.We went to this place called Sushi Japan. It was AMAZING!Here is what we had:

We started with edamame beans and miso soup.Then we had California Rolls, Spider Rolls, and Las Vegas Rolls.YUM!Def just discovered my love for sushi.  But not like raw stuff. It has to have some type of crab, be wrapped in rice, have avocado, and cucumbers. The dipped in a little soy sauce.But that totally counts! Right?
Now go out and try something new.You’ll like it.I know I did! 🙂

Totally Random Monday

Hello lovelies!
Hope your weekend was delightful!  Mine was somewhere between delightful and kinda blah.
But this week and next will be different.
For a number of reasons:
1. This Friday will find me ON MY WAY BACK TO TEXAS!!!!!!!!!

Source: etsy.com via Kathleen on Pinterest

I haven’t been home since June!(Well technically I’m not going home)But I am going to San Marcos, Austin and Houston.That’s right I’ll be gone for an entire week!Which is a good thing and bad thing. Good in that I’m going to watch this beautiful couple tie the knot at 8 years!

Bad thing in that I will be gone a whole week which means I wont get a pay check come the next week.Yeah not a good thing. But worth it.First up is the bachorlette party in Austin, then to Houston for a week to do whatever the lovely bride needs me to do, and the wedding is next Friday!
2.  It’s Christmas time here at Disney World. I know I know what happened to Thanksgiving right?!Well I think Disney kinda lumps it with Christmas.Anywho, I’ll be attending Mickey’s Merry Very Christmas Party on Wednesday! Complete with tacky christmas sweater fun.
3.  A new movie staring my ALL TIME FAVORITE actor is coming out on Nov 9th.Who is that actor?This guy:

Source: bing.com via Kathleen on Pinterest

Are you swooning yet, because I am.He’s staring in a new biopic called J.Edgar.It’s about J. Edgar Hoover, the man who created the FBI and fingerprinting and all the that jazz.It’s supposed to be great.
Oh and next year, my future husband is going to play Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby.That too will be epic.
4.  I get to see these people in the coming days:
Ashtyn (my old roomie) and her family on Friday!

And my wonderful parental units next Thursday-Saturday!
They’re coming to the wedding! 
I can’t wait to see them!

Well I believe Totally Random Monday was a success today.
You don’t get much more random than going from a wedding, to a Christmas party in November, to a movie staring the father of my future children.
Until next time! 🙂

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today…
-I started this blog!
-I was excited for the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.
-I was doing my observation block and wondering what student teaching would be like.
-I was dreaming of moving to Florida.
-I was 22 years old.
-I was excited to be graduating in May.
-I was wondering if I would really keep up with the whole blogging thing.

I think it’s safe to say that A TON has changed since I started my blog.
And I could not be happier with those changes! 🙂
So Happy Birthday Blog!
Oh and one more thing……

IT’S CHRISTMAS AT DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!And I for one could not be happier for it! 🙂
Tis the Season!