Turkey and a New Holiday Challenge

Hi Friends...Well my first attempt cooking Thanksgiving dinner was a HUGE success.Believe it or not Suz and I actually managed to cook a 14 lb turkey!It turned out PERFECT.Unfortnately I don't have pictures of the finished turkey(forgot to snap one..picture fail).But here are a few others!Yeah no pictures of people....it was Thanksgiving...it's all about food.We [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year I have so much  to be thankful for:-Living my dream working for Disney.-Great roommates who make spending the holidays away from home totally ok.-A loving family who supports and loves me.There is tons more, but unfortunately I have a head cold  thanks to my roommate Suzanne, and I can't think super straight.It is [...]


Let's talk about makeup.My makeup routine is VERY SIMPLE.I use the exact same makeup everyday and I rarely change it up.It's consists of a little foundation, eyelid primer, brownish eyeshadow, tad bit of liner and mascara (which I NEVER leave the house without).  Then sometimes I'll brush a little blush on my cheeks.But that is [...]