How to Get Your Whitest Smile Ever

I’ll be honest; one of my biggest insecurities has always been my teeth.  I had braces and an expander when I was in middle school through the beginning of high school and I hated every minute of it.  I was self-conscious and literally never wanted to smile showing my teeth.  Thankfully my teeth moved fairly quickly and so I only had to wear the braces for about a year and a half.  Fast forward 15 years and my teeth are still my least favorite feature because they are nowhere near as naturally white as I would love them to be.  

Now, I am a huge fan of pictures.  Last week I took a girls trip to NYC and my friends got so sick of me saying, “Hey wait, take my picture!”  So thankfully even though my teeth are my least favorite feature I’m still totally willing to flash a smile.  That is due in large part to all the photo editing that is now at our fingertips.  Literally, all I have to do is open an app on my phone and boom, I have whiter teeth.  But to be honest, I’ve been sick of having to fix the shade of my teeth with an app.  I want to be able to take a natural picture and not cringe because my teeth aren’t as white as I would like them to be.  And that is where Smile Brilliant comes in. 

I’ve tried a few different at home whitening kits and use whitening toothpaste daily.  But nothing has ever really made me see a difference in the color of my teeth.  So when Smile Brilliant contacted me about trying their at-home whitening kit I was a little suspicious.  What could possibly make this product different from the others I’ve tried?  But oh my gosh, y’all.  What a difference.  

How it Works:
Step 1: They send you the kit and you take impressions of your teeth.  I was super nervous about this part because I was afraid I wasn’t going to take the impressions correctly.  But thankfully it was easy and I had no issues at all.  Once you have your impressions you send them off and wait for your trays.

Step 2: Get your trays and start whitening.  There are two parts to the whitening process: the actual whitening gel and a desensitizing gel.  I did feel some sensitivity around my gums when I would use the whitening gel and I was advised by the Smile Brilliant team to rub a little bit of coconut oil on my gums before I whitened and book, the sensitivity went away.  I also decided it would be best to skip a day in-between sessions just to be on the safe side.   I’ll be honest I didn’t see immediate results.  It took at least 7 sessions for me to start seeing a difference and even then it wasn’t until friends at work said, “Hey! Your teeth are brighter!”  (Insert hair flip emoji here!)  

Here is my before and after, after completing the entire whitening kit, which includes 4 syringes of each gel.

Overall, I am ecstatic with my teeth whitening results with Smile Brilliant and am 100% more confident in my smile.  I’m not as self-conscious as I was about the color of my teeth and I can look at pictures of myself without immediately feeling the need to whiten them in a photo-editing app.

I will most definitely be using Smile Brilliant for all my at home whitening needs in the future!  

I would love for y’all to actually try this kit yourself and Smile Brilliant does too.  So they’ve graciously offered a free kit to one of you.  If you just can’t wait to see if you win the giveaway and want to start boosting your self-confidence ASAP they’re also offering a 15% off coupon!  Head over to the Smile Brilliant website to find out more about them! 

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Happy Whitening friends! 🙂

Disclaimer:  This post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant but all opinions on the product are my own.  Also there are a few affiliate links throughout the post! 🙂

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