What’s Next

So I had this whole nice post all ready for today.I didn’t have time to post it this morning, so I thought to myself, 
“That’s ok, I’ll just post it from my IPhone.”Big mistake.
When I went to try and post it, it posted but with zero text.My entire text was deleted.
It was a good one too.And unfortunately I’m too tired to retype the entire thing. (I think I need to start saving each post as a word document on my computer.  Seeing as this is the second time this has happened.)
So I’ll just give you the highlights of said post.
I don’t know if y’all remember this but the job I currently have with Disney is an internship.Meaning that my job ends on June 9th.
And being that it’s May 1st, this means that the rest of this month will be dedicated to finding another job.
I have a couple of options.
Obviously I want/need to stay with Disney.Disney is part of who I am.Heck its part of this blog!  I mean can you imagine not reading about Disney when you stop by to read about my life.Yeah, me neither!
I’ve already applied for two very different job with Disney.The first is for the Wild Africa Trek.Which is a backstage tour of the Kilimanjaro Safaris.You get up close and personal with some of the animals!Kinda like this:

 Ha…just kidding.But you do get pretty close to the animals.
The other job is a Coordinators position with the Disney Institute.  It’s similar to Youth Programs except for adults.  Basically they teach companies how to do it the Disney way (that’s what she said….sorry I had to.)  I really don’t want this job at all, but I felt like I had to apply because we are under the same department.
My other option is to go to Casting (where you go when you want a job with Disney) and see what they have available in Full time and Part time jobs.I’m actually doing this tomorrow. I have an “interview” of sorts.
Now my ultimate goal is to get back into Guest Relations.And the only way to do this is to get a job, pretty much anywhere within Disney and then get what’s called a Temporary Assignment and THEN get a full time job in Guest Relations.
I know it sounds awful and I am going to have to be very VERY patient.But for me it’s worth it.
I could always give up on Disney and get a teaching job.I wouldn’t be living pay check to pay check if I did this.I’d be able to buy a car and pay off my student loans a little quicker.
But I’m happy with my life right now.And as long as I’m patient…I know it will pay off in the end.

Well, there you have it.That is “What’s Next” in my crazy little life.

Which I will definitely keep in mind!

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