Me, Myself and I- November

I missed October's Me, Myself and I link up because of my unexpected blogger break.So I knew I couldn't miss November's!1. What are your top 5 favorite movies to watch during the Holidays?LOVE ACTUALLYSource: via Kathleen on PinterestELFSource: via Tammy on PinterestTHE SANTA CLAUSESource: via Bonnie on PinterestMEET ME IN ST. LOUISSource: [...]

Holiday Movies

The holidays are here and with them comes holiday movies.Now I'm not talking about Christmas movies, which are wonderful in and of themselves.I'm talking about all the movies that Hollywood decides to release for the holiday season.  And boy are there a ton of really great ones that I am just dying to see.  My [...]

Blue Bird Giveaway

Boy do I have a treat for y'all on this fine Monday!I am hosting a GIVEAWAY!I'm partnering up with Diane from Blue Bird Bride.  One of the cutest jewelry boutiques you will find on Etsy.  She specializes in the famous Bubble Necklace that has been floating around the blogosphere forever.But she also has tons of [...]

Christmas is Coming

Like I mentioned yesterday, it is taking all I've got to wait and put up my Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving rather than before.And let me tell you, it doesn't help one bit that Disney is all decorated, that some of my friends have decorated, and that there are Christmas commercials flooding the TV [...]

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Can y'all believe that next week is Thanksgiving?! I can't!  Time is just flying by!  Everywhere I turn Christmas is being thrown at me! And it is taking all I've got to wait and decorate my apartment next Friday, rather than today. Luckily I have things to keep me occupied that will help with the decorating urge.Now [...]

Getting Back the Magic

Like I mentioned a few posts ago I've lost some of my Disney magic.Working at a theme park is exhausting sometimes.  Especially when the job you do is customer service.Or Guest Relations as we at Disney call it.When people go on vacation I'm pretty sure 90% of them leave their brains at home.Which is fine....most [...]

It’s Ok!

It's think Modern Family is one of the best TV shows EVER.Last nights episode was be more than a little annoyed with the fact that you are the ONLY one in an apartment of 4 who actually wish you had a disposable love the fact that it has not gone above [...]