I am beyond excited right now! I totally thought The Social Network was gonna win. 
I so happy to say I was wrong and the winner of Best Picture was:

It was a wonderful wonderful movie.
Yay for a great show, great actors/actresses, and GREAT MOVIES!

Yes, I am a big movie nerd! 🙂

And the Oscar Goes To…….

I absolutely adore movies.  All kinds of movies.  Romantic comedies, action, horror (some anyway), animation, historical, musicals, classic movies, drama….you name it and I’ll watch it.
In fact my all time favorite thing to do it go to the movies.  
There is nothing like sitting in a dark theatre, with a big screen and surround sound, eating popcorn and drinking a soda.  Either by myself or with a big group of people going to the movies is fun.
I love the stories that can be told through movies.  The love stories, the funny stories, the incredibly sad stories, even the “ok that world NEVER happen” stories.
When you’re watching a movie you can leave your life for just a few hours and enter the lives of the characters on screen. Oh my goodness I love it.
So since I love movies, my favorite time of the year is awards season! 
It last from the end of January till the end of February and consists of:
The Golden Globes
The Screen Actors Gild Awards
In fact the  Oscars are TONIGHT! Yes I am super super excited!
And I’ve seen at least half of the films that are nominated tonight, so that makes me even more excited.
Who do I think are going to win tonight’s top awards?
Best Actress: Natalie Portman for Black Swan
Best Actor: Colin Firth for The King’s Speech (which is AMAZING and he totally deserves it)
Best Picture: This is a tough one.  I really think that either the King’s Speech or Inception (which totally got jipped this year in everything) however I think this top award is gonna go to The Social Network.
So those are my predictions.  We will see if I’m right or not tonight!! 
Oh and I am super excited to see all the amazing clothes (swoon).
Lights, Camera, Action,

Roomie DayoFUN!

Today Ashtyn and I spent a lovely afternoon in Fredricksburg.
It is this lovely little German town with tons of fun places to eat and shop.
We had a wonderful little lunch at this place called the Peach Tree.  Ashtyn had a yummy turkey burger and I had a southwestern quiche and some butternut squash soup.
Then we walked through a bunch of cute clothing and antique stores (my favorite).
We also stopped and had dessert at a place called Rather Sweet.  We shared a key lime pie and a sugar cookie (doesn’t that picture look yummy!)
I love Ashtyn to death.  We always have so much fun together and I can tell her anything.  I love her bubbly personality and positive outlook on life.  She always has great advise and I am so lucky to have her in my life now!
We had so much fun!
Oh one more thing, we went in this one store that was EXACTLY like a store in St. Augustine, FL.  And both stores have this little African man statue thing.  I took a picture with it in St. Augustine so of course I had to take one with it in Fredricksburg:
Unfortunately I can’t get the first picture.  Yeah I know I’m silly. 🙂
Yep my life is pretty awesome and I am so not mad about it,

Funny drawings

Today I gave all my classes an open notes test over World War II.  After they finished, this is what one of them drew on the board during 4th period:
It is still on the board and makes me smile/giggle every time I look at it.
Yeah, my students are awesome,

Mixed Emotions

Today has been a good day.  So far I’ve had two really good classes.  The kids are interacting with me, we have been able to stop and laugh a few times and they are actually LEARNING!!  
On a slightly more depressing note: I still haven’t heard from Disney.  I am not gonna panic yet, but only because the application deadline is March 11th and I am holding onto the hope that they are just not doing any type of second interview until AFTER the deadline.  Still though…..
I did get a really good fortune the other day though! 
This has to be a good sign right?????
Let’s hope so! 
(Totally random side not: I LOVE MY MAC)
So my over all day has been good. But Disney is still always lingering at the back of my mind.  Will they want me or wont they.  
That is the question.
I’m having mixed emotions,

To Teach is to Touch a Life Forever

Student teaching is going better than I could have ever hoped.  Save for Disney, I know that I am meant to teach.  I am having a blast teaching.
My students are crazy, fun, and totally smart.  
They ask questions, they are interested, and they are respectful.  
(Well not all of them, but hey they’re teenagers, so we gotta cut them a little slack right.)
I truly believe I have found the right career.  Unfortunately for me, the teaching situation is getting worse, so the likely hood of me finding a teaching job when I graduate is slim.
(Enter DISNEY! My other true love! 🙂 )  
I cannot tell you how it feels to be in front of a class talking about World War II and have them be genuinely interested in what you are saying.  Every time one of them does well on a quiz or test, or just answers a question right I get so happy.  It means they are listening and taking in everything I am saying.  
I have to give a lot of credit to Mr. M.  He has been teaching for almost 30 years.  His Power points are amazing, he knows tons of fun facts, and the student love him.  I hope I can be the kind of teach Mr. M is.  He is definitely a great teacher and I would love for my students to view me as they view him.
So here are a few inspirational teaching quotes that I’ve stumbled on:
This one is my favorite: 

Dream it. Do it. DISNEY!

On Friday I took the next step in my Disney career.  
I applied for three Professional Internships at the Walt Disney Resort!
Now don’t get me wrong, I love to teach. But ever since I did the Disney College Program in 2008 and then again in 2009 I have wanted to work there again.  
Not only that but it is highly unlikely that I will find a teaching job right after I graduate.  So doing a Professional Internship is the perfect in between job.  Plus, I am still totally obsessed with living in Florida. 
Unfortunately the internship I really wanted, the YES Program Internship, is not looking for interns for the Spring.  So the plan now is to apply for the following internships:
1. College and International Programs Education Coordinator
2. Disney Traditions Intern
3. Guest Relations
Hopefully I will get one of the those and then what I plan to do is apply for the YES Program in October! 
Either way this will get me down to Florida where I will be living with Suzanne, Sara, and perhaps Kelly.  I also plan on getting certified to teach in Florida so that way if Disney doesn’t work out I have two different states to look for a job in.
Next I have to call and set up a phone interview and then we will see what happens from there!
I am so excited though, I know I have done everything possible to ensure that I get an internship.
I’ve done meet and greets with Disney leaders and I’ve worked on my resume for months.  I
Lets just hope all my hard work pays off! 🙂
Here are a few quotes from Walt Disney, he is the creator of this amazing company and is a true inspiration! 

It was a long long week!

Student teaching this week was incredibly tiring.  So fun though.
I finally got to see Mr. M (this is how I will be referring to my co-op teacher) teach.  
He was really good. He knows so much about history and all I could think while I was watching him is…..
Granted I am just starting out and Mr. M has been teaching for almost 30 years.  So of course he knows more than me.  
My classes are all pretty good.  My favorites are def 4th and 7th.  They are attentive and interested in the material.  The other classes are good too, but most of them just sit there and probably think to themselves, why do I have to know this stuff.  
We are on World War II right now, so the material is really interesting.  Well to a history nerd like me anyway.  
So, Wednesday and Thursday Mr. M was sick and guess who was in charge of the class?! 
That’s right ME! 🙂  
A substitute still had to be there because of this three week rule.  But I was really in charge.
 I was exhausted by the end of the day though.  Saying the same things 6 times a day and standing on my feet all day is ridiculously tiring. 
BUT it felt so good to be in front of them.  I just love to teach.  It is definitely something that I am supposed to be doing and I am so glad I am going into this profession.  
I did have several learning experiences though:
1. NEVER leave your class with nothing to do after you finish a lesson.
2. The things that come out of high school kids mouths are hilarious and at times very inappropriate.
3. I have mastered “the look” while giving a lecture.
4. 53 minutes gives you no time at all to get lecture and an activity in one class period done.
5. Prep period is the most relaxing time of the day
School was cancelled Friday (is it sad I was super happy about this already) because our area got slammed with a winter storm.  It actually SNOWED here! 
My roommates and I wrote our names in the snow:
Then we decided to eat a whole bunch of random food.  My roommate Kelsey was in the process of making these smore bars.  We had so much going on in the kitchen that she misread the directions.  All of sudden I smell something burning and she realizes that she misread and we look in the oven and the whole dish is on FIRE! 
I wish I could have snapped a picture of the actual fire but we were all in a panic mode.  This is what it looked like after:
We just scrapped off the burned area and put more marshmallows on top and it still turned out super yummy! 
I have some very exciting news…but I think I’ll save that for my next post! 🙂
Teaching is super fun,