Disney News

As of May 23, I have exactly one month until I start with Guest Relations at Epcot!
I also go my check-in e-mail! I have to be at casting at 10:15 am on June 23. 
I’ll get my background check done and most importantly I’ll be getting my training schedule!
I can’t believe it is already almost time to move down to Florida.  I am so excited!
My mom and I have mapped out our trip.
We’re starting our drive on June 11th and driving to Houston and spending the night.
Then it’s on to New Orleans on June 12th, where we will spend the afternoon and night.
(My mom is super excited about this, she LOVES New Orleans)
And we’ll roll into Orlando on June 13th.
Mom is gonna stay until the 19th.  She’ll help me move in, get furniture and of course well be at Disney for two days and the beach for one!
Yep it’s gonna be EPIC! 🙂
SO excited!
16 days!

My Summer Reading List

Ok so I’m at the point right now where I’m really anxious to move to Florida.
School is over and I don’t have much to do at home.  Just kinda relax before the super stressful week of moving starts.  So on my last day in San Marcos, my roommates and my best friend Monica and I went to Target (MY FAVORITE STORE EVER).
We were browsing the book section and I stumbled on 7 books that I want to read.  
Thank goodness I have a NookColor (the best invention EVER) because I was able to take pictures of the covers of all the books that caught my eye and find them on my Nook.  
Then I downloaded the samples of each book and now with just a tap of my finger, I have these books immediately! 
I love it! 
So to make this post short, here is my summer reading list:
(please excuse my ugly, unpolished thumb)

These book will be read in no particular order, but I am starting with My Jane Austen Summer in honor of my wonderful, lovely and Jane Austen obsessed friend Whitney (please check out her blog its super cute and fun)  I love her! 🙂
Ta for now,


May 13th I walked across the stage and received my Bachelor’s of Liberal Arts in History.

It was a very exciting moment and yes I even got a little teary eyed.

After graduation we went and had a lovely little party at my roommate Ashtyn’s parents River House.

We had a great time talking, laughing, and of course eating.

I still cannot believe that I’ve graduated college.  I have worked so hard the last 5 years and it has finally happened, I’m done with school!
(Well unless I go to grad school, which is a possibility but not anytime in the near future!)

Here are a few pictures from the day. Enjoy!

Look for the bright gold mickey head on the far left! That’s me!

Next stop? DISNEY WORLD!

Last day of Student Teaching

Wow, it seems like just yesterday I was writing about how I was starting my student teaching 
at Canyon High School.
Now it is my very last day! 
The kids have been super sweet all day we’ve had small parties in each of the classes.
It has been great and sad all at the same time!
I have gotten to know and love each one of them.  I am so lucky that I got to work with such a great group of kids.  They made me laugh, they made me frustrated, they made me smile, they made me mad, and they made me see that I chose the right career path.  Granted I wont be teaching right away, but I know that it is something that I want to come back to.
Being a history teacher is definitely in my future!
Remember all those pictures I put on here that some of my students in 4th period drew?
Well they drew one more just for me:
It’s been fun Canyon High School, I’ll miss you guys! 🙂
-Ms. Norris

I’m terrible at blog titles! :)

So the very end of April and beginning of May have pretty much been the best weeks EVER.
I have had tons of good news and as a result I have TONS of different things rolling around in my head.
Here are a couple of those things:
1. I GOT MY DREAM INTERNSHIP with Disney and I still can’t believe it! 🙂
2. I have now officially passed all my required test to become a certified History teacher for the state of Texas.
3. Tomorrow is my last day of student teaching.  Which I am incredibly sad about but also incredibly excited about because it means a new chapter in my life is fixin to start.
4. I think we’ve found an apartment to live in in Florida.  We are in the process of getting approved and getting the lease all signed.
5.  Moving is the most stressful thing EVER! It is so hard trying to decide what is the best (and least expensive) way of getting all my stuff from Texas to Florida.  
But I think we have finally decided that shipping all my furniture is going to be the cheapest way.
(Who knew!)
So next week my main task is going to be to start packing. Again a sad yet exciting thing.
6. I need a graduation dress AND shoes.
7. I am graduating from college in 8 DAYS! Goodness where did the time go.
8. Life is pretty awesome right about now.
Sorry had to add another picture of where I’ll be working in about 50 DAYS! 🙂