Mad about the Plaid!

I’ve now had two days of training in Guest Relations.
Days 1 and 2 were just basic overview of all that Guest Relations can do.  We’ll be getting more training over the next two weeks.  But I cannot even begin to explain how amazing my job is going to be!
I can’t say too much, but lets just say, I will be making all kinds of MAGIC!
I am so honored to be able to do what I do! Hopefully I will be able to share some of my stories with you all.  I heard some from our Guest Relations trainers and let me tell you, the water works were FLOWING!
I’m getting to work with a great group of people.  There are only 4 other Professional Interns at EPCOT, which surprised me.  But all 24 of the GR interns (from all the parks) are all great.  We have a good group and are gonna have a blast! 
Here are all 24 of us!

And these are my fellow EPCOT peeps.  
Saturday we’ll get a tour of EPCOT and that’s when I’ll get my costume! (Yes, pictures will be posted!)
OH get excited because my roommate Suzanne and I did some major crafting on Sunday for the apartment and so my next post is going to be showcasing our craftiness! : )

I make MAGIC for living,

My New Life

Oh my goodness it has been entirely too long since I’ve blogged.  And for those of you who read this I know you’ve missed me terribly! 🙂
Ok so TONS has happened since that June 1st entry.
What has happened you ask? Well here goes:
1. Mom and I drove out to Florida! We made a stop in New Orleans which was fun (but not really my scene, if I’m being completely honest)  Oh and I had to get a whole new compressor for my AC, now that was fun…NOT!  But we had a good time anyway.
2. We made it ORLANDO! Yes, I am a Floridian! For now anyway.
3. We got my bed and all the living room furniture for a crazy good price! All I have to say is you gotta love Goodwill and friends who are moving!: )
4. Abby and Whitney came to Florida for a few days! We played in the Disney parks, we laughed, we cried, we might have argued just a tad, and of course we had a blast! 
5. My new bedroom is coming together very nicely and I will post pictures of that AND the rest of the apartment soon. 
6. CHECK IN day finally arrived for my internship AND I got my first official schedule for my new job! So excited for that! I start bright and early Monday morning! Not gonna lie, I’m might be more than a little nervous!  Wish me luck!
Everything in FL is going amazing so far! I love my new apartment, my new roommates, and just 
my new life in general! 
I’m going to try and be loads better about blogging.  I really enjoy it (even if no one really reads it! lol)
I have tons more free time (other than work of course) but no more tests to study/write, no more papers to write/grade, nada! 
I’ll show y’all some fun pictures from the last two weeks soon! 
Ta for now! 🙂

Happy June!

Ok Ladies and Gents its JUNE!
That means I have:
10 days until I start to drive here:
10 days until I can call her my roommate again:
12 days until I get to see this girl again (the tall red head on the left!):
13 days until I see her again:
14 days until I’m here:
15 days until I’m here:
and 22 days until I’m here:
getting my training schedule for here:
Yep June is going to be pretty epic!