A Picture a Day (Week 8)

The week is finally coming to an end.I dunno about y'all but for me this week felt super long.Luckily I have a 3 day weekend to relax and recharge my batteries.Now before I share some pictures from the week, I have a funny story.Yesterday my roommate and I decided to treat ourselves with a mani/pedi [...]

Prayers Are Needed

A couple of nights ago I got a Facebook message from an old teacher turned good friend, Micha.She was my high school History teacher when I was in the 10th grade.And was one of my all time favorites.While in her class she found out that I had taken a babysitting class and soon into the [...]

Y’all are the BEST! :)

Today when I logged onto blogger I got a very pleasant surprise! I have FINALLY reached 100 FOLLOWERS!Y'all have no idea how long I've waited to see that number on my Dashboard.Because honestly I never thought I would.I started this blog as a way to remember everything I've done/will do.And I am so glad I [...]

Week in Pictures

Sorry about being a tad absentee last week.No reason in particular just never sat down and actually typed anything last week.But here I am!Last week was pretty unspectacular.Nothin terribly exciting to report.So lets jump right into my week in pictures.(ie. My picture a day for 2012)2/13/12:  My roommate got her 1 year pin.  That's working [...]

I Need to Plan Better

I think I need to plan this particular post better.It's a post that happens every week.And should happen on Mondays, yet I can't seem to get my stuff together to actually publish the post on Mondays. So I'm gonna work on that.At least I'm posting it today (granted it's fairly late and I highly doubt anyone [...]