Today we are going back in time.  Ok did anyone else just think of the theme song from Back to the Future after reading that?  Cuz that was my intention.  We are gonna go all the way back to a very special year in my book.  1988.  Why is that special?  Well because its when [...]


This is a post that has been sitting in my "post lineup" for FOREVER!! Seriously, I had like 3 different drafts of this baby half done.  So when I saw this was part of the July challenge, I thought PERFECT! Here's my chance. So without further ado, I am currently:Reading: Well the "Currently reading" sidebar I [...]

Would You Rather…..

So it's Saturday night and I'm more concerned with the fact that my strictly indoor cat has figured out that my parents have a cat door in their room for their two cats, than I am with the fact that I'm sitting at home on a Saturday night blogging about my cat. Womp womp.   [...]