EuroTrip 2015

The summer of 2004 was one of the best summers of my life. I was 16 and two of the best things ever happened.  First I got to see Tim McGraw in concert for the first time.  He was and still is my all time favorite singer.  Second, I went to London, England.  Now obviously [...]


Hello friends!  I hope y'all all had a fantastic weekend! I had my very first date from this weekend! More to come on that later in the week though.  And the rest of the weekend was spent recharging my batteries for the week to come.  It's only Monday and I'm already ready for Friday. Now [...]

Dear September

Once again I've been a horrendous blogger and have not posted in exactly a month.  This is especially annoying because I promised myself I was going to stay current and up to date.  And I have already failed.But y'all, September was the most stressful month I've had in many many moons.  I honestly don't even [...]