A Wedding Weekend!

Hello Hello Friends!I didn't have the energy to pop out a post for Monday.  So I decided to share all about my amazing wedding weekend today instead. ******This last weekend was without a doubt the busiest I've had in MONTHS.   There was absolutely zero time to lay around and watch obscene amounts of TV. [...]

Currently [October]

Feeling.... Tired and excited.  Tired because school is coming and going fast and furious.  I mean it's OCTOBER!!  And the first 6 weeks are already over.  The days are long and nights are far too short.  I feel like I'm not getting enough sleep!  I'm excited because the next two weekends are going to be AH-MAZING! [...]

The Eternal City: Roma!

ROME!  Just hearing the name has gladiators, gods, togas, Latin, and Dean Martin flashing through my head.  We arrived in the Eternal City in the early afternoon after a quick train ride from Venice.  As we sped past vineyards and sunflower fields....Y'all the SUNFLOWER fields were amazing.  I was itching to get off the train [...]