The Disney Dream

Two weeks ago I found myself sailing away on a dream.
Wow, that sounded really lame.  What I mean is I got to get the hell out of Orlando (city of tourists and crazies and Mickey Mouse) and traded it for the big blue ocean, sunshine, all the soft serve ice cream I could eat, and a nice little sun burn on my upper back.
I went on another cruise.  This time it was a Disney Cruise (so I couldn’t completely get rid of Mickey) and we went to the Bahamas! 
It was a 4 day cruise and we went to Nassau (which is gross),  Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island), and had a lovely day at sea.  
Here are just a few of the highlights:
-We ate massive amounts of amazing food.
-Laid out in the Caribbean sun on a gorgeous beach with blue blue water.
-Had yummy fruity drinks.
-Ate in the fanciest restaurant I’ve ever been in (they even had a “palet cleansing portion. And I totally pretended I was Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries.)
-Took a millions pictures.
-While we were in Nassau, we got taken to a creepy room upstairs where we bought “designer” purses.
-Has a blast with two amazing friends! 🙂
And now for you to actually see the good time that was had by all! 🙂

(The picture above, is the creepy upstairs store we went into to buy said “designer” bags.  We made sure people were actually coming down the stairs before we went up them!)

Above picture: Grand Marnier souffle.  My favorite dessert on the boat!

Yes, a good time was had by all.  And let me tell you. I’m totally cruise spoiled now.  I don’t think I will ever be able to do another cruise line save for Disney.  The boat was AMAZING!  I think Jordan said it best.  She said that if the Titanic and the Great Gatsby were to have a baby, it would be the Disney Dream.
And for those of you who think that a Disney cruise is just for families.  Allow me to enlighten you.  There are a ton of adult only places on the boat, lounges, restaurants, and places on the private island.  If we wanted to be around the families we could, but we could also escape into “adult land” too.  And they are pretty strict on not allowing kids into these adult only areas.  It was literally PERFECT!
Alrighty friends, after my little hiatas, I hope to be back to posting fairly regularly from now on! 🙂

Inspiration in the Bedroom

No I’m not talking about THAT kind of inspiration, people! This blog is G-rated (at the most PG due to choice language sometime)! So get your mind outta the gutter. : )

I’m talking about inspirations of the decoration kind!

See, I’ve been in my current apartment for 2 years.  It’s the longest I’ve ever lived in a single place, other than my parents home anyway.  In college, I lived in a different apartment every year.  So to say I’m getting restless is an understate.  It is definitely time for a change.

Said change is actually coming sooner than you think! It’s coming on May 19th.  That’s the date my lease officially ends.  It’s also the date that I will be homeless for 2 whole months until we move into a new apartment.  Now I say homeless, but obviously I have a place to live, but it’s not going to be my apartment.  I won’t have my own space to retreat to when I need a moment alone.  But I will be saving some money and I will have a brand new apartment to look forward to!

We haven’t found said apartment yet.  We plan to start looking as soon as we get back from our Disney cruise next week!  Oh and the “we” I keep mentioning is Jordan.  Suzanne, Jordan and I (and possibly someone else) will be moving in together come August.  Woo Hoo!

So, with a new apartment comes new decor!  Which is one thing I am definitely looking forward to! Especially for my bedroom.  Right now my bedroom has deep red, black, and gold with hints of white.

I’ve been happy with this look for the last 2 years, but now that the apartment is going to get a make over, so is my bedroom!  
This time around my inspiration is going to be SUPER feminine.  I want florals and light colors.  I want it to be so that when you walk in to my room you KNOW a girl lives there.  
So for some inspiration I’m hitting Pinterest!  

If my bedroom turns out anything like the inspiration photos, I don’t think I would EVER leave it. 

Thank you Pinterest for making me even more excited to get the hell out of my current apartment and into my new one.  Hopefully I’ll be able to create the feminine vibe I’m looking for! 🙂

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Quarter of a Century

When I was 12 years old, my best friend and I would pretend we were 25.  And when you’re a 12 year old pretending to be a 25 year old your life is pretty sweet.  Let me paint that picture for you.

At 25 the 12 year old thought:

-She would be working as a pediatrician and driving a white convertible.
-She would be engaged to the boy she met in college and planning a super fun wedding (said boy would look just like Zach Morris).
-She would have gum in her purse, in her car, in the house…pretty much everywhere. (I thought it was cool to chew gum) .
-She would dress super cute
-She would still be best friends with all her elementary school friends.
-She would be living in Texas because Texas is the best state in the whole world.

Pretty normal right? Right.

Well now I’m actually 25.  And I thought I was going to have a major “quarter of a century crisis.”  I thought I was going to freak out about the fact that I’m still horribly single, living pay check to pay check, working in a job that in no way is connected with the $40,000 degree I got from college, that I’m still horribly single, that I don’t have a reliable car, that gum is not at my fingertips whenever I want, did I mean that I’m still horribly single?   But you know what?

I’m happy.

I’m happy with where my life is going right now.  Because I have a lot going for me and even more ahead of me.  I may not be doing what the 12 year old me thought I would be doing, but who is actually doing what the 12 year old you thought you would be doing?  That’s right, NO ONE!  Turning 25 is an exciting time in your life.  And I for one, think that those in our mid-20s should make the most of it.  : )

So to celebrate being a quarter of a century old, here are a few things that make being 25 exciting!

(First official picture as a 25 year old!)

1.  I have a stable and secure job.  That has plenty of room for me to grow.

2. If I decided to leave said job, I still have another field that I could find another job with and be totally happy. (Remember? I’m 100% certified to teach high school in Texas, I just have to apply.)

3. I’m in pretty happy with my body.

4. I know how to dress my body type (which is important if you’re happy with your body!).

5. I live on my own with virtually no financial help from the parental units.

6. I’m finally putting myself out there to not be horribly single anymore.

7. I’ve lived in a whole other state for almost 2 years and now have a life here. (Still miss Texas like crazy though).

8. I know how to live within my means.  (IE. I make the most of living pay check to pay check).

9. I’ve created a family out of some pretty amazing friends in Florida.

10. I’m going to buy a car this year.

11. My car insurance for said car won’t be crazy expensive.

See! Now how can I complain about being 25 when my life if going in a pretty good direction?  And for those of you who are about to be 25, just do what I did.  Take a step back and count all the things that make being 25 amazing!!

Now check back in about 5 years.  Cuz I may be singing a different tune when I turn the big 3-0!  But I have no idea where I will be when I’m 30, because a ton can happen in 5 years!  All I know is I’m going to make the very most of life and just let it happen.  After all it’s not really in my hands is it?

No, no it isn’t.

High School

Hello Monday, it is NOT good to see again.  Especially considering I have to be at work at 7:30 this morning.  Blegh.  Thank goodness for morning coffee y’all, cuz that is the only thing that is gonna keep me going today.

So over the weekend, I was browsing through my Facebook albums when I stumbled on one I created when I first started using Facebook.  The album is entitled “High School” and has the following heading: “All these pictures are of me in high school.  You know…cheerleading and stuff.”   (There are no pictures of me doing any cheering and yes I was a cheerleader in high school, which shouldn’t surprise any of you at all).

It made me realize a few things about myself in high school.

 1. I hardly took any pictures in high school at all, because I didn’t have a camera.  Well I didn’t have a digital camera, so all the pictures I did take were with a film camera.  And most of said pictures from said camera are floating around my mom’s house back in Texas.

(Prom Fall 2005)

2.  That I didn’t hate high school like the majority of people say they did.  But I talk to exactly 2 people from high still.

3.  Apparently my clothes had to match.  Everything in this picture is turquoise….even my shoes (which you cannot see cuz this picture sucks.)

(San Francisco 2006)

4.  Selfies were a thing, way before Instagram.  (PS. I apologize for this picture.  I’m sure I thought I was real cool while I was taking it.  Now I know better.)

(Trip to California 2006)

5. I clearly paid lots of attention in English class while we were studying the Classics.

(AP English 2005, clearly it was Halloween.)

6. I thought I could maybe be a model someday.  (I’m also really glad I moved to Florida because I’m no where near as pale as I was in high school)

(Drama field trip to Austin, TX for the UIL state competition Spring 2005.  I don’t remember taking this picture at all.)

7. Cheer camp in the summer of 2005 is why I hate pulling my bangs straight back.

(Cheer camp in Ruisdoso, NM summer 2005)
There are exactly 8 photos in that Facebook album.  And I’m really wishing there were more because I would have more to share with y’all AND I would have more pictures to make fun of.  Because I may have been super involved in high school but my choice in clothing was seriously questionable.  
Plus it’s always fun to take a walk down memory lane.  
So what does looking at old high school pictures of YOU make you realize about yourself in high school?  

It’s Friday, High Five! Very Nice! I Like!

If you read the title of this post in the Borat accent then, WOO HOO.  If you didn’t, then you’re classier then I am because Borat is hilarious in my book! 🙂 
Well another week, another High Five for Friday post!  Linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk! 🙂

1. There is just something so fabulous about lace and coral.  I bought new coral sandals from Tar-je boutique last week and I adore them.  Add to that my new lace shirt from Marshall’s and I am one happy girl!

2. We watched Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie the other night.  It was epic and took me back to the days when my brother and I would pretend we were the Red and Pink Rangers.  Plus it reminded me of the amazing dialogue the Power Rangers had while fighting Ivan Ooze and his minions.

3.  New trailer and movie poster was released for The Great Gatsby staring my future husband….LEO! There are seriously no words to describe my excitement for this movie.

4. (Not pictured) I was fully trained in the last and final area of Guest Relations this week! I can now work at Epcot’s Help Desk.  Basically I get to answer questions, answer the phone, and keep track of all the lost and found that comes into Epcot.  Woo Hoo!

5.  (Also not pictured) Jordan, Josh and I booked a DISNEY CRUISE on Wednesday night!!  We leave on April 14 and return the 18th and I am beyond excited y’all.  Yet another perk of being a Disney Cast Member is the mad discounts we get on the Disney Cruise Line.  In just 9 days I will be cruising through the Bahamas, getting tan, and pretty much loving life!  Hurry up April 14th!

While I was getting this post together I went to grab some pictures from Instagram and realized I only posted 3 pictures this week.  Which is weird because I usually have at least 5 posted by the time Friday rolls around.

Then again I only posted once this week.  But it’s ok!  Sometimes one post a week is all you need.

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

Relationship Status

So I don’t really talk about my relationship status on the blog.  Mostly because my relationship status is currently (and has been for many, many years) S-I-N-G-L-E!

There are two reasons for this.

1. Working for Disney allows you to encounter two types of men.  Either gay men or married men.  Neither of which is appealing to me in the slightest.  Then again the men that aren’t gay or married are, for lack of a better word, man whores.  Which unfortunately is not what I’m looking for either.  Especially since I’ve entered my mid-20s.  I’m looking for something less……..temporary?

2. I’m picky.  I fully admit that.  I know what I want and if I don’t find it in a guy then I move on.  I’m  also comfortable being single.  I would even go far as to say I’m good at it. Plus, I see this video and I just nod along with it because this is all shit that I say.

But now I’m 25.  I’m officially half way to 50 and 5 years away from 30.  I’m ready to find that special someone.  (As cliche as that sounds).  But seriously, I’m ready!So how does one who is surrounded by married and gay men start dating.  You try online dating.Dun Dun Dun.Yes, I have created a profile with an online dating website (its free one) and have started talking to men between the ages 25-30.  So far I’ve gotten lots of responses.  But have replied to only a handful (remember, Miss Picky over here).  There are the pictures I have posted on the site:

And I’ve actually already been on my first date!  Which is a huge deal for me y’all.  I was very safe about the whole thing.  We went to a public place, a sushi restaurant that I chose and I let all my close friends know when I left and when it was over.  We had talked for about 3 weeks or so before I actually agreed to meet in person. So first off, he was shorter then me by about a head.  Which I’m just not that comfortable with.  I just prefer taller guys.  It was never awkward per say, we had a pretty steady flow of conversation but it wasn’t anything super exciting either.  And I’m using the word date, but I paid for myself so it wasn’t really a date.  It also last exactly one hour.  We met there at 6:30 and by 7:30 I was in my car on my way home.  Overall, it went ok.  But I didn’t leave with butterflies in my stomach nor did I leave looking forward to the next time we would meet. But I did leave feeling very proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and actually going on the date.  I called Suzanne afterward and she said the same thing.  So, I’m going to keep going with the online dating thing.  See how it plays out!  Who knows, I may be super successful or I may fall flat on my face.  It’ll be fun either way and y’all will definitely get all the details! 🙂