Oh How Pinteresting!

Hellooooo Wednesday!
NO fluff and nonsense today kids.
I’m getting straight to the point.

It’s time for:

And my favorite pins for the week are:

Anytime I talk to friends from high school (save for like two) this is exactly how I feel:

These are adorable…I’ll take them all! 

One of my all time favorite movies:

I heard this ALL THE TIME during student teaching.And I hear it being said on programs too.It’s universal for students all over the world and in every grade!

I’m in love with everything in this picture:Especially the mirror and the dresser! 

If this were my office….I’d want to work from home.Although, mine would look like this probably only once a month and the rest of the time it would be chaos.Organized chaos, but chaos nonetheless.

Now THIS is a first day on the cruise kinda outfit! :)(Which is in 10 DAYS!)

Love this bedroom.The next time I re-do my room…I might go for something like this:

I want a jean jacket….and those shoes!

Alrighty friends, that’s a wrap for today!
Wish me luck cuz I’m heading to Casting this afternoon.Who knows.Maybe I’ll have a new job to gush over on Thursday! 

135 thoughts on “Oh How Pinteresting!

  1. That dress would be perfect for a cruise! I love the iPhone covers!! I need to repin that image for sure 🙂 And how cute are the Golden Girls?? Wonderful images. I'm new to Oh, How Pinteresting and have just done my very first post tonight. I'd love it if you could check it out. I'm also new to your cute blog and am now following you too 🙂 Megan @ Storybook Love Affair


  2. So I just stumbled across your blog from thevintageapple.com and I am in love! I have a blog titled confessionsofachronicwanderluster.blogspot.com and it mostly chronicles where I am going, where I want to go and where I've been. I too live in Orlando, Fl and I teach 9th grade English (not history). What a crazy small world! Anyways, I love your blog and I too think I will NEVER tire of pinterest.


  3. Love the outfit with the turquoise shorts and coral scarf! I recently reread Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging and then the second book. I think they were much funnier when I was younger. I had a time and a half trying to get through them now!


  4. I can't comment about the pins I love, because I love all of them and this would be the longest comment ever 🙂 But, I totally am with you on the teacher pin–I hear that stuff ALL THE TIME, and I dont even teach content area classes haha


  5. I can't pick just one I like! I love the bedroom, the outfits,the hello may,the rings, and the quote is oh so true! Love them all 🙂


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