"Let’s Go Fly A Kite!"

One of my goals for 2015 is to explore the city I live in more.  
Houston is a major city with a ton to offer.  And I don’t want to make the same mistake I made when I was living in Orlando.  I didn’t get out and really live in my city.  Sure I did fun things but they mostly centered around Disney and the other theme parks Orlando has.  For example, every week in Downtown Orlando you can attend a farmers market.  I only went once.
So I’ve made it a goal for this year to really get to know the city I live in.  And when Jenny asked if I wanted to go to Houston’s annual Kite Festival at Hermann Park I immediately said yes.  
We had the best weather possible for kite flying.  I’d never actually flown a kite before and didn’t actually that day either because I was too busy taking pictures.  But the wind was blowing just the right amount, the sun was shinning and there a few clouds in the sky.  
We met 4 of Jenny’s cousins at the festival.  Two of her cousins have kids and it was really fun watching them watch all the kites in the sky.  They had fun picking out their favorites.  

Jenny even bought a cute little ladybug kite and spent about 20 minutes or so trying to get it to fly.  She was pretty successful but she lost interested pretty quickly.
It was so neat to step back and look at all the people and their families come out to enjoy this fun event.  There was a DJ playing music for everyone to enjoy and hundreds of kites of all sizes.  There were even food trucks parks close to the main “kite grounds” so people could buy food and beverages if they wanted.  Although most people (ourselves included) brought blankets and picnic foods to enjoy while we enjoyed the weather and kite flying.

The festival was held at Hermann Park near the museum district in Houston.
We took a stroll around the grounds and Jenny showed me the reflecting pool.  I thought it was the perfect location to have a quick little photo shoot for my outfit.  
One end of the pool has some steps with shallow water that you can wade through and at the opposite end of the pool there is a large statue of the famous Sam Houston.  Hero of the Texas Revolution, the city’s namesake and one of the only Presidents of the Republic of Texas!

As I’ve already mentioned the weather was perfect.  Shorts and tank top were the perfect choice especially since my pasty pale tail hasn’t had much sun exposure since I moved back to Texas.

Tank: J Roberts Boutique
Shorts: J Crew
Bando: Francesca’s Collections
Sandals: Target
Necklace: Loft
Polish: Essie’s Butler Please
We really had a perfect little afternoon.  It was just the right amount of laid back outdoor fun I enjoy.  And I got to see a side Houston I hadn’t seen before.  
The next thing I’d really like to do is check out some of the museums near Hermann Park.  Specifically I want to visit the Holocaust Museum, I’ve heard it is amazing.
Do any of you Houstonians have a suggestions for things to do in this great city of ours?
Send em my way if you do! 🙂

3 thoughts on “"Let’s Go Fly A Kite!"

  1. So pretty!!! Looks like it was a beautiful day to fly a kite…and lay out and soak up the sun! Glad you're enjoying more parts of your city!!


  2. I've heard so many great things about Houston! Every time we come to Texas it's always to the Dallas area but one time we've got to venture to some other places! I love that you can wade across the pool – looks beautiful for you to enjoy more of with the nicer weather!


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