Your Next Favorite Book: Young Adult Books

I’m a huge bookworm.  Huge.  There is nothing I love more than finding a book I love. Or better yet a book series I love.

Since I started teaching 8th grade I’ve found myself reading more and more Young Adult novels.  Partly thanks to Jenny because she’s read just about every Young Adult novel there is in her school’s library, well those that are worth reading anyway.

She’s shared her favorites with me and now I’m going to share my favorites with you.


The Selection Series by Kiera Class 

Synopsis from Goodreads:
This is the synopsis for the 1st book in the series:

For thirty-five girls, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime. The opportunity to escape the life laid out for them since birth. To be swept up in a world of glittering gowns and priceless jewels. To live in a palace and compete for the heart of gorgeous Prince Maxon.

But for America Singer, being Selected is a nightmare. It means turning her back on her secret love with Aspen, who is a caste below her. Leaving her home to enter a fierce competition for a crown she doesn’t want. Living in a palace that is constantly threatened by violent rebel attacks.

Then America meets Prince Maxon. Gradually, she starts to question all the plans she’s made for herself–and realizes that the life she’s always dreamed of may not compare to a future she never imagined.

My thoughts: 
I am absolutely in LOVE with this series.  It has a little (ok a lot) of romance, it has some great twists and turns, and I really love the backstory of this dystopia society.  Mostly because what the author has happen to the United States could actually happen!  I enjoy this series more than I liked the Hunger Games AND the Divergent series.  So that’s something.  Oh and the best part is there will be fourth book out later this Spring!

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Synopsis from Goodreads:
This is the synopsis for the first book in the series.

Humans and androids crowd the raucous streets of New Beijing. A deadly plague ravages the population. From space, a ruthless lunar people watch, waiting to make their move. No one knows that Earth’s fate hinges on one girl.

Cinder, a gifted mechanic, is a cyborg. She’s a second-class citizen with a mysterious past, reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister’s illness. But when her life becomes intertwined with the handsome Prince Kai’s, she suddenly finds herself at the center of an intergalactic struggle, and a forbidden attraction. Caught between duty and freedom, loyalty and betrayal, she must uncover secrets about her past in order to protect her world’s future. 

My thoughts: 
When I was first told about this series, I thought EW!  That sounds so stupid.  But oh my friends, how wrong I was.  This is one of those series that totally surprised. The combination of sci-fi and fairy tales is perfect. She intertwines them perfectly.  The other thing I love is that each book focuses on a different character but at the same time brings the characters from previous books together to form one large story.  It’s basically a story within a story.  This too has a fourth book that will be released later this fall and all 4 stories will collide for what I know promises to be a fantastic finale!

The Testing Series by Joelle Chambonneau

Synopsis from Goodreads:

This is the synopsis for the first book in the series.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Isn’t that what they say? But how close is too close when they may be one in the same?  

The Seven Stages War left much of the planet a charred wasteland. The future belongs to the next generation’s chosen few who must rebuild it. But to enter this elite group, candidates must first pass The Testing—their one chance at a college education and a rewarding career. 

Cia Vale is honored to be chosen as a Testing candidate; eager to prove her worthiness as a University student and future leader of the United Commonwealth. But on the eve of her departure, her father’s advice hints at a darker side to her upcoming studies–trust no one. 

But surely she can trust Tomas, her handsome childhood friend who offers an alliance? Tomas, who seems to care more about her with the passing of every grueling (and deadly) day of the Testing. To survive, Cia must choose: love without truth or life without trust.

My thoughts:
Of the three series I’m sharing this is the one that reminds me the most of the Hunger Games and Divergent.  And so far I still like this series more.  Now I say that but I’m currently reading the last in the series, Graduation Day, so the jury is still out.  Because I hated the endings to both the Hunger Games series and the Divergent series.  I love the idea behind this series and I think that’s why I am suggesting it that you all read it. But I have to admit I’m finding it difficult to give you exact reasons WHY I like it.  I just do.  It’s an easy read and it’s entertaining.  So if those are two of your criteria for reading books, then these will be for you.


Obviously I liked the first two series I’ve recommended way more than the last one, if only because my thoughts on the first two are so positive and my thoughts on the last one are kind of all over the place.  But you won’t be disappointed readying any of them.  Promise! You do need to remind yourself that these were written for teenagers.  So you can expect a little cheesiness now and then.
But hey, we all need a little cheese in our lives! Right?!

Happy Reading friends! 🙂

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