Hello friends!  I hope y’all all had a fantastic weekend! I had my very first date from this weekend! More to come on that later in the week though.  And the rest of the weekend was spent recharging my batteries for the week to come.  It’s only Monday and I’m already ready for Friday.

Now on to the goods!

This month has officially been deemed “No-tober”.  What does this entail you ask?

Well exactly what it sounds like.  I am saying “No” the whole month of October.  What that means is I am not spending any extra money on anything other than the absolute necessities.

The next obvious question is what are my absolute necessities.

Here is the list:
-Bills (electric, water, cable/internet, gas)
-Loans (student and car)
-basic groceries

I’m not going to divulge just how much all of this is when you add it all up.  But trust me it’s a lot.  Damn you student loans!

Now for the list of “NOs”:
-eating out (fast food/sit down restaurants)
-things for the house
-holiday decorations
Pretty much anything that is not on the “yes” list.

I would love to tell you that is has been easy peasey and I’m not at all concerned about making it through the rest of October considering we’re only 5 days in, but y’all, THIS IS FREAKING HARD!!!

The other day I was starving and wanted nothing more than to stop and get myself some of those gross little 99 cent tacos from Jack in the Box with some curly fries and a Dr. Pepper.

To be honest I  also want Chick-Fil-A, Whataburger, Taco Cabana…..even McDonalds.  I am in desperate need of highlights and a haircut.  My manicure is 3 weeks old and looks like hell, as do my toes which need a pedicure like no bodies business.  Fall is in the air and I want new boots and some new fall clothes to celebrate.  I am dying to buy more Halloween decorations for the house then what I have, including about 4 pumpkin scented candles.  I’m also needing a new book to read, so I’ll be making a trip to the public library sometime in the near future.  

(Side note: After reading through all these I realize how #firstworldproblems all of these things are and that I really don’t need any of them.  Like at all.  But I still want them.)

Luckily my roommate Jenny is doing No-tober along with me.  Actually it was her idea in the first place.  She found this blog, Living Well Spending Less, the author went 30 days spending zero, only the necessities.  By the end of the month, her family had saved over $1,000.  Which is exactly what Jenny and I need to do, since we’re planning this epic Euro Trip (come back later this week to hear all about that!).

Thank goodness we have each other to help us through the month.  She’s been strong so far and I’ve been the winey/complainy one.  But I’m gonna stay strong!  I’m gonna keep up with our progress on here on the blog, that way I have another way of holding myself accountable and don’t cheat.

5 days down……..26 days to go.  Yikes! Wish me luck!

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