EuroTrip 2015

The summer of 2004 was one of the best summers of my life.

I was 16 and two of the best things ever happened.  First I got to see Tim McGraw in concert for the first time.  He was and still is my all time favorite singer.  Second, I went to London, England.  Now obviously London was WAY better than Tim McGraw, but I was trying to be dramatic, thus why I mentioned it second.

It was the BEST TRIP EVER!  My mom and I went with my school and were gone for 1 week.  It was not nearly enough time to see everything. But here were some of the highlights:

-Windsor Castle and Eton
-Buckingham Palace
-Tower of London
-The Globe Theatre
-Hyde Park
-Kensington Palace (pre Princess Kate, sadly)
– The London Eye

Here are a few pictures from my trip.  Please keep in mind I’m 16 in these pictures! Yikes can’t believe this was 10 years ago!!

And the most exciting of all……I SAW THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND!!  Yes, I saw her riding in her little carriage in a canary yellow suit down the Mall in front of Buckingham Palace just like you see in pictures and TV.  It was literally one of the coolest experiences ever.  Especially for someone who has been obsessed with all things British and Royal since about the 5th grade when I got to do a project on Princess Diana.


There she is! Along with her husband, Prince Philip. Prince Charles and Princess Anne were following them on individual horses.  Sadly no Princes William or Harry.  If I remember correctly they were at the funeral for Princess Diana’s father or something like that.

I wanted to go back to England pretty much the minute we got back on the plane to fly home.  I never studied abroad or anything (which is one of my biggest regrets in life) but I always told myself I would be back one day.

So last year, my Florida roommates and I had decided to go to to England.  We also decided to visit Ireland and France as well.  We pretty much had the entire thing planned and I even posted this picture on Instagram.

But then we all decided we wanted to move home.  So we figured we should save the money we would be spending on the trip and use it for moving purposes.  Thus the trip was cancelled and we were all very sad and depressed.

Fast forward to last month, I was telling Jenny all about this pretty much all planned and she said, “Well why don’t we go.  But if we’re gonna do it, let’s go big or go home.”

SO……I am very very very very excited, no ecstatic to announce that on July 16, 2015 I will be going back to London, England!! We be gone for 16 days and in total will visit 5 countries!!! AHHHHH!!!!!

Where exactly are we going you ask?  Well let me show you!

We will be hitting up England, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy!!

We settled on going with a tour group because 1. it was cheaper and included airfare and 2.  the process of planning such an in depth trip was very difficult.  I tried for a few days and just couldn’t do it.  Plus we figure it will be a tads safer this way.

We’ll be using Go Ahead Tours and you can find more information on their tour options at their website,  But we did a bunch of research and they seem like the best option for us.

We will be spending about 2 days in each city and will have a ton of free time.  Which was something I was kinda worried about as I was researching.  I didn’t want our whole day planned out, I wanted to be sure to find a company that helped us cover all the major highlights but left time for us to explore on our own too.

Best part is that Go Ahead Tours offers a payment plan.  So we have until May 8th to pay off the entire trip.  That helps so much because now we can budget properly over the next few months.  In fact I see many more “No-tobers” in the near future.

But AHHH!! Seriously every time I think about it I get super giddy with excitement and all these other emotions that I can’t even name.  I’m also really excited to have something to look forward too, it will help the year (specifically the school year) go by even fast than it feels like it already is.

We are booking the trip tonight and putting down the down payment.  So there will be no turning back after that!  EEEKK!!!  Sorry, told you I get excited.

Obviously I will be sharing everything with y’all as we get closer and closer!  Also if you’ve been to any of the cities we will be visiting I would love to hear your list of must sees and places to eat and stuff.

The countdown begins….NOW!!! 275 days….(wow that sounds longer written down than it does in my head.) 

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