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I am TIRED!  It’s almost 9:30 pm as I type this and I’ve been sitting in front of my computer since 9:00 trying to figure out how I want to start this post.  A post that is really about nothing but everything at the same time.  I’m having one of those times where I want to blog but I’m not really sure what to blog about.  Don’t you hate it when that happens?  You want to use your creative outlet and nothing is flowing.

So I think I’ll just fall back on an oldie but a goodie and have myself a little confession session.  SO…


// I bought myself a color correcting palette and used it for the first time yesterday.  And oh my goodness what a difference it made!  I’m a fan so far.  I bought the NYX brand from Target.  I’m excited to get really good at it so it doesn’t take me as long to do my makeup in the morning.

// I have a slight obsession with strips.  I may or may not have bought two very similar black and white stripped shirts at Target last night and was totally called out by a Target employee on it in one of the isles.  It was hilarious.

// Jurassic World debuted on HBO a few weeks ago and I’ve watched it like 3 times.  Mostly because of Chris Pratt.

// I LOVED Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones.  I have a feeling this is going to be my favorite season.

// I still haven’t started refurbishing my couch.  My plan was to have it stripped of all the old stuff in April and start the refurb in May and I have yet to do a single thing.  I think need to get on it.

// If you saw my snaps the other day you’ve heard this, but I want to blog about it because my blogging ego is still a little bruised.  I applied to be in one of those blogging community things and was rejected.  A few of my fellow Houston bloggers are members and I thought it would be fun to join as well and meet some more bloggers.  But apparently my blog doesn’t meet their requirements for membership.  One of the requirements is that you have high quality photos and when I read that I thought, “oh perfect! I have those!”.  But I guess I don’t have enough.  Not every single post I write has high quality pictures but I just don’t have time to take them!  I have to reserve those pictures for the weekends when I have time to go out and take them and edit them and stuff.

The other reason is that my blog doesn’t focus on just one or two things (like fashion and beauty or solely travel).  I have blog about several different things (which I thought was the definition of a lifestyle blog).  I have to admit when I saw the email that I was not being offered membership I was sad!  Here I was thinking I was doing pretty good in blog world and boom someone comes along and basically says my blog isn’t good enough for their community.  It was not a nice feeling.  Plus I started comparing myself to all the bloggers that are in the community and that really started to burst my blogging bubble.

But I’ve had a few days to think about it (and bitch about it to my friends! THANKS FRIENDS!) and at the end of the day, I’m happy with my blog.

I like what I blog about and I’m not gonna let one silly little rejection stop me from doing something that I love.  And I’m not gonna change what I do just to make my blog more appealing to one community.  I think plenty of people find it appealing for what it is and I am proud of the little space I’ve created.


And on that note, I’m taking myself to bed with a cup of tea and my book!

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Have a great Thursday! 

6 thoughts on “|Confession Session| What’s New With You Link Up

  1. oh my gosh, how did i miss that whole blogging community thing? girl screw that and them. blogging itself is a community, this isn't high school. you do what you want, blog about what you want, don't worry about them.tell me more about this colour correcting thingy!stripes for life, seriously. and also chris pratt.thanks for linking up with us!


  2. Ugh that is still so annoying about the blogging community, I love your posts and the pictures you take are fantastic. I totally get you on not having the time, I still mostly take my pictures with my trusty iPhone, so I would most definitely not qualify for this community. I agree with Kristen, blogging itself is a community and as long as you have your \”tribe\” you don't need some pretentious person telling you that you can't join. Also I had no idea NYX had a color correcting palette, heading to Ulta today to scoop it up!!


  3. Chris Pratt pretty much makes Jurassic World because otherwise Bryce Dallas Howard would get too annoying running around the jungle in her heels! And 1000% times yes to GOT! I was totally happy and vindicated at the end of the show last week!I saw your snaps about being rejected from that blogging community, and I'm so sorry! Blogging about a variety of different topics 100% fits the definition of a lifestyle blog. And who are they to say what's high quality images and what isn't! I always love all of your photos that you take and include in your posts! Don't let it get to you! Your space is awesome and you should be so proud of it! P.S. If you need to vent some more, we can include some wine with venting on Saturday 🙂


  4. I always thought lifestyle blogs were multi-focused. Blogging communities can be really weird and not always make much sense as to why the pick one and not another. It much more subjective then it probably should be. You do what makes you happy and you already have a community who obviously loves what you do, which is all that matters. I need more details on this color corrective palate because it sounds like something I need in my life!


  5. I watched Jurassic World on a long plane journey and it makes the perfect plane film! I would definitely watch it again on dry land, too.I agree with everyone else, that blogging community sounds judgey and weird. The whole point of blogging is that its your space, you do what you want with it, and those who like it will come and spend time there. That's what you're doing! Ultimately it's for you, not for some random internet person to judge. Keep doing you!


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