A Wedding Weekend!

Hello Hello Friends!

I didn’t have the energy to pop out a post for Monday.  So I decided to share all about my amazing wedding weekend today instead.


This last weekend was without a doubt the busiest I’ve had in MONTHS.   There was absolutely zero time to lay around and watch obscene amounts of TV.   It was an on the go weekend and I loved every single minute of it.

I traveled all the way to Ohio for one of my best friends wedding.  Siad friend actually has a blog of her own, Jordan who blogs over at Former Kennedy.

Here were the wedding weekend highlights:

– Got to fly on a plane.  I LOVE airports and flying and travel in general.

– Got to see downtown Chicago from the sky.  Now that I’ve spent a good chunk of time in one of Chicago’s airports, I’m dying to see the rest of the city.

– Saw tons of Florida friends and got to have a lovely catch up session with each of them.

– Got to wear a pretty dress and get my hair and make up done.

-Cried at least a dozen times throughout the rehearsal dinner and actually wedding.  The amount of love between the bride and groom is so great.  Everyone was so happy and full of joy throughout the entire weekend.

– Took about a 100 different picture with the bride and groom and the rest of the bridal party and loved every minute of it.

– Watched as one of my best friends married the man of her dreams and got a new last name.

– Instagram-ed the crap out of the beauty that is Ohio in October.  Seriously y’all you have not seen fall until you’ve seen fall in the North.  We don’t have fall in Texas like they do in Ohio.  This basic girl was in heaven.

– Saw all four seasons happen in one day.  The wedding day started bright and sunny with clear sky’s, then it became a little overcast, and THEN it started SNOWING!!!! Yep you read that right, it snowed on Jordan’s wedding day.  My thin Texan blood handled it pretty well considering it was in the 90s last week.

– Danced pretty much every single dance the DJ played.

– Witnessed the sweetest first dance ever.  Jordan had her best friend growing up sing their first dance song.

– I CAUGHT THE BOUQUET!!!  And then experienced the most embarrassing thing ever.  They had they guy who caught the garter slid it up my leg.  The DJ said that if it was placed above my knee up on my thigh then the bride and groom would have good luck throughout their marriage or something like that.  I honestly think the guy who caught the garter was more embarrassed than I was.  His face turned bright red.

– Almost got stuck overnight in Chicago on my way back to Texas.  But the airport Gods must have been smiling down on me because a seat opened up and I was able to make it home on Sunday by about 8:45pm.

Everyone had a fantastic time.  The decor was gorgeous, the food was tasty, the DJ played all the right music, and the like I said there wasn’t a dry eye in the house most of the day/night.  Overall it was a beautiful wedding!

Well done Jordan! 🙂

Can’t wait for my next one!

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7 thoughts on “A Wedding Weekend!

  1. I loved seeing all of your pictures on Instagram! The bride looked beautiful and so did you! That's so awesome that you actually got to experience fall while you were there, and snow! That's so crazy that it actually snowed on her wedding day! That has to be good luck, right?


  2. The wedding looked absolutely beautiful and you looked gorgeous in your dress!! So glad you had a good time (and yes, definitely check out Chicago at some point if you can!)Thanks for linking up with us!!


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