Disposable Diaries

Two of my all time favorite bloggers Meg from Sweetly Complicated and Jessica from Lovely Little Things, came together and created a link up called Disposable Diaries.

 Basically what they wanted was for us to buy an old fashion disposable camera (I can’t believe I just called a disposable camera “old-fashion) and take it around for a week and take pictures.  Straight up middle school/high school style.

I thought this sounded like a phenominal idea!  We live in an instant world.  Where everything can be done in seconds.  Especially when it comes to taking photographs.  I can remember using a disposable camera and later a film camera (that my amazing Dad purchased for me) and having to wait hours and sometimes days for the pictures to get developed.  So it was fun going back to that time!
Here are a few things I encountered as I ran around taking all 27 of the pictures allowed by my camera.
1. It was kinda nerve wrecking using the camera!  I literally had one chance and one chance only to get the shot just right.  One of my friends said he left so much pressure to get it just right!   
2. It was hard to remember to pull the camera out and actually use it, since I had my IPhone in my hand or in my pocket.
3.  The view finder was so tiny!  And I looked pretty silly pulling it out and snapping pictures.  My friend Jordan even took a picture of me taking a picture with the camera. 
(The caption on Instagram for this photo was as follows:  “Hey @kathleennorris 1997 called and they need their disposable camera back #bff #ecgrbff #kodakmoment”)
So without further ado here are some of the great quality photos I snapped with my “old-fashion camera”! : )

My view as I walk into work everyday.  Not too shabby.
I used to take pictures like this in middle school. So I felt it only appropriate to recreate it.
With my best friend of almost 25 years!  And my eyes are closed. Nice.
Had snap a pic of my kitten.  She actually looks semi-creepy.
And the picture is off center.
Told you that view finder was small!
Girls photo from a day at Epcot.
Group shoot with my friend Jordan and her Mama!`

A lot of the pictures I took were 1. off center, 2. blurry, and 3. really bright.

I have to say though, it was fun taking a whole week to remember what it was like before life was so instant.  When we couldn’t re-take a picture if it was blurry, if our eyes were closed, or if we thought we just looked awkward.

So thank you Jessica and Meg for coming up with such a unique and fun idea! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Disposable Diaries

  1. I AM SO GLAD YOU DID THIS WITH US! II completely agree with the tiny view finder thing!! CrazzzyyyySeriously the flash is BRIGGGGHT! Also it is super weird to see Epcot empty!!!and I love your mint shirt… and you. the end.


  2. This just made me SO nostalgic! Oh my gosh. I used to take no less than 4 disposables to camp with me every year and then I had to wait a week or something ridiculous to get all of my pictures back! The flashes were always really bright now that I think about disposables! haha What a fun link up!-Frances @ Keynotes


  3. YAAAAY!I took a few arm extended pictures too and they turned out B-A-D….like I was ghostly white…dang flash! lol Adam & I sat there for 10 minutes trying to figure out how to turn it off! FAIL.My favorite one is the one with your eyes closed ;)LOVE!xo


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