Holiday Movies

The holidays are here and with them comes holiday movies.
Now I’m not talking about Christmas movies, which are wonderful in and of themselves.I’m talking about all the movies that Hollywood decides to release for the holiday season.  And boy are there a ton of really great ones that I am just dying to see.  My bank account is going to be in pain by the time January rolls around.  
Thank goodness for my AMC Stubs card! Which if you don’t have AMC theatres close to you, it is a program offered by AMC that gives you rewards dollars.  Once you have spent $100 at AMC on either tickets or concessions, you get $10 on your Stubs Card to use as you please.Y’all I’m 30 bucks away from $400.  Which means I have spent almost $400 at the movies since last October.  Yeah, wrap your minds around that.What can I say, I love the movies.
Anyway, this holiday season has promised to basically rock our world with great movies.Here are the ones that I am dying to see.

LincolnI’ve actually already seen this one and it was AMAZING!Daniel Day-Lewis does an phenomenal job portraying Lincoln.  It’s actually kind of scary how closely he resembles Lincoln.  It was comical in parts, it was intense, and of course it was sad.  I can totally see this film doing extremely well when the Oscars roll around.
Anna KareninaI’ve never read the book, but I love Keira Knightly and this is from the same director as Pride and Prejudice and Atonement.  Which were two films that I really enjoyed as well.  

HitchcockI think this has the potential to be an excellent film. Helen Miran is great and from the looks of it, Anthony Hopkins is going to kick ass as Alfred Hitchcock!

Le MiserablesIf just the trailer gives me chills, I can’t imagine what the whole movie will do to me.

Django UnchainedI’m not a huge Quintin Tarentino fan (I hate the Kill Bill movies) but I did love Inglorious Basterds.And this movie has Leonardo DiCaprio.  He is all the reason I need.

There are a couple others I’d like to see but those are my top 5!What holiday movies do y’all want to see in theatres?
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One thought on “Holiday Movies

  1. I also saw Lincoln and I LOVED it!! I'm a huge history nerd and I feel like they did his life justice. So amazing! And yes, super creepy how much Lewis resembled Lincoln. Weird!I'm dying to see the Hobbit when it comes out (huge LOTR fan here!) and I think The Great Gatsby comes out soon too with Leo? Anyways…I love movies like you. Hubs and I spend way to much, but I love it! :)Happy Thanksgiving!


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