A Picture a Day (Week 8)

The week is finally coming to an end.I dunno about y’all but for me this week felt super long.
Luckily I have a 3 day weekend to relax and recharge my batteries.
Now before I share some pictures from the week, I have a funny story.
Yesterday my roommate and I decided to treat ourselves with a mani/pedi day.(I haven’t had either since December so it was def needed).Before my little break in getting mani/pedi’s,  I had gone to this place on a fairly regular basis.So when I walked in one of the manicurists (he’s a guy) recognized me and commented on the fact that it had been awhile since I’d been in.
I’m waiting in the massage chairs waiting for my turn (my roommate was already being worked on), when the guy who recognized me came and started on my feet. 
To make a long story short, this guy basically spent the entire time flirting with me.He asked why I hadn’t been in, when  my days off were, awkwardly stared at me while he was massaging my legs and feet and then proceeded to tell me that he was off on Tuesday, which I just responded to with, “That’s nice!”
The entire time he’s asking all the questions I could barely understand what he was saying and I kept exchanging looks with my roommate, who couldn’t stop giggling.
So when we were done and waiting for our nails to dry I had to make sure I wasn’t just imagining things.So I asked my roommate and I hadn’t even finished my question when she said,”Oh yeah, he was flirting and it was awkward.”
It was definitely the strangest mani/pedi I’ve ever had.But they turned out great, so I’ll be going back.Still it was weird.
Alrighty now to share my 8th week in my Picture a Day project! 🙂

2/20/12:  Roommate night out at Joe’s Crab Shack.  We had the stream buckets!Love me some crabs. 🙂
2/21/12:  Finally found a Sonic in Florida.  Unfortunately it’s too far from my apartment to get more than once a month.  Still though it felt so good to hold that foam cup in my hands.
2/22/12:  Cocoa Beach was calling our names. 

2/23/12:  First trip to Whole Foods.  I was def out of my element.  Oh and I had the tomato basil soup.  My taste buds did NOT enjoy it. 
2/24/12:  Went to the YES offices in Celebration and found this little baby! Totally loving my job!
2/25/12:  Had a going away breakfast for my friend Jana at Chef Mickey’s! Gotta love those Disney character breakfasts!

2/26/12:  It’s OSCAR NIGHT!  One of my favorite nights of the year.  

Well I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend! 🙂
PS.  I finally created a Facebook book page for this little blog of mine!So click HERE and show me some love! 🙂

7 thoughts on “A Picture a Day (Week 8)

  1. That is a really funny story, I'd feel awkward going back and would definitely recruit a friend to come with me! Great pictures, I love crab too! Even though I live in the beach in San Diego I still feel like being in Florida when I see your pictures. Florida is just a different feel I guess. 🙂


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