I’m terrible at blog titles! :)

So the very end of April and beginning of May have pretty much been the best weeks EVER.
I have had tons of good news and as a result I have TONS of different things rolling around in my head.
Here are a couple of those things:
1. I GOT MY DREAM INTERNSHIP with Disney and I still can’t believe it! 🙂
2. I have now officially passed all my required test to become a certified History teacher for the state of Texas.
3. Tomorrow is my last day of student teaching.  Which I am incredibly sad about but also incredibly excited about because it means a new chapter in my life is fixin to start.
4. I think we’ve found an apartment to live in in Florida.  We are in the process of getting approved and getting the lease all signed.
5.  Moving is the most stressful thing EVER! It is so hard trying to decide what is the best (and least expensive) way of getting all my stuff from Texas to Florida.  
But I think we have finally decided that shipping all my furniture is going to be the cheapest way.
(Who knew!)
So next week my main task is going to be to start packing. Again a sad yet exciting thing.
6. I need a graduation dress AND shoes.
7. I am graduating from college in 8 DAYS! Goodness where did the time go.
8. Life is pretty awesome right about now.
Sorry had to add another picture of where I’ll be working in about 50 DAYS! 🙂

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