It was a long long week!

Student teaching this week was incredibly tiring.  So fun though.
I finally got to see Mr. M (this is how I will be referring to my co-op teacher) teach.  
He was really good. He knows so much about history and all I could think while I was watching him is…..
Granted I am just starting out and Mr. M has been teaching for almost 30 years.  So of course he knows more than me.  
My classes are all pretty good.  My favorites are def 4th and 7th.  They are attentive and interested in the material.  The other classes are good too, but most of them just sit there and probably think to themselves, why do I have to know this stuff.  
We are on World War II right now, so the material is really interesting.  Well to a history nerd like me anyway.  
So, Wednesday and Thursday Mr. M was sick and guess who was in charge of the class?! 
That’s right ME! 🙂  
A substitute still had to be there because of this three week rule.  But I was really in charge.
 I was exhausted by the end of the day though.  Saying the same things 6 times a day and standing on my feet all day is ridiculously tiring. 
BUT it felt so good to be in front of them.  I just love to teach.  It is definitely something that I am supposed to be doing and I am so glad I am going into this profession.  
I did have several learning experiences though:
1. NEVER leave your class with nothing to do after you finish a lesson.
2. The things that come out of high school kids mouths are hilarious and at times very inappropriate.
3. I have mastered “the look” while giving a lecture.
4. 53 minutes gives you no time at all to get lecture and an activity in one class period done.
5. Prep period is the most relaxing time of the day
School was cancelled Friday (is it sad I was super happy about this already) because our area got slammed with a winter storm.  It actually SNOWED here! 
My roommates and I wrote our names in the snow:
Then we decided to eat a whole bunch of random food.  My roommate Kelsey was in the process of making these smore bars.  We had so much going on in the kitchen that she misread the directions.  All of sudden I smell something burning and she realizes that she misread and we look in the oven and the whole dish is on FIRE! 
I wish I could have snapped a picture of the actual fire but we were all in a panic mode.  This is what it looked like after:
We just scrapped off the burned area and put more marshmallows on top and it still turned out super yummy! 
I have some very exciting news…but I think I’ll save that for my next post! 🙂
Teaching is super fun,

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