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I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, if there are two posts you can guarantee I’ll write every month it’s my book review post and a currently post.  And that’s exactly what I have lined up for you!

Reading…. Still Missing by Chevy Stevens.  I’m really into her books right now.  There are two others written by her that are on my TBR that I really want to read.  Still Missing is intense to say the least.  I’ll be reviewing it in my April Reads post next month.  I am so excited for May 2nd though because the 3rd book in the Court of Thorns and Roses books by Sarah J. Maas is being released.  I have been anxiously awaiting book three since last year!

Watching….What I love about all the April shows coming back is that it means we are that much closer to summer!  I’m still watching all the Bravo I can get, Real Housewives of New York and of course Southern Charm.  Which I just found out that Cameron, my favorite on the show, is pregnant!! I have no idea why I’m so excited about this seeing as I don’t even know her, but I am.  Also the Amazing Race is back!  I think I’ve said this before, but that is the one show I would LOVE to be on one day.  I think it’s by far the best reality “game” show on TV.

Feeling….that I need an attitude adjustment.  At least when it comes to my job.  I’m becoming known as the “grumpy” teacher and that’s not me at all.  So I’ve decided to go into the rest of the school year (and next year since I know I’m gonna be teaching again) with a more positive attitude.  I’m going to try and remind myself why I went into teaching in the first first place and try and get back to enjoying it.  I don’t want to hate going to work everyday.  Does that look like the face of someone who’s known as grumpy?  Yeah I don’t think so either!

Looking forward to….the first week of June.  I’ll take taking a group of 8 students on a trip out to the East Coast.   I teach early American history, from colonization to the Civil War.  And the one this particular trip upcoming 8th graders taken to Colonial Williamsburg, Mount Vernon, Gettysburg and Philadelphia.  I’ve never been to any of those places so I am so excited.  We’re going with all the other junior highs in the school district so it should be pretty fun.  I will literally have the busiest two weeks, because I’ll be hone for about 48 hours and than I’m heading to Florida for the following week.  So excited though!

Excited about….the fact that I am 1 follower away from reaching 900 on Instagram.  Instagram is the platform I’ve been focusing on lately and I have a goal of reaching 1,000 before next March.  I’m really excited that all my hard work in growing that particular social media outlet is working! If you’re not following me on Instagram and you;d like to,  you can by clicking here!

Loving….this swimsuit and this swimsuit (that second one is currently sold out).  I bought two swimsuits for the cruise in June.  Let me just say, I’m not a swimsuit person.  I rarely buy them, so this was a pretty big deal.  Plus, I bought them online.  I’m not much of an online shopper so this was a big step for me.  I haven’t gotten them yet so I’m anxiously awaiting their arrival! I also found the prettiest maxi dresses at Target this week, thanks to Lauren from Lauren-Loves.  I haven’t take a picture of them yet, but I plan to wear one of them to work tomorrow so be sure to keep an eye on my Instagram story! I’m also loving this fun shirt from Francesca’s.  I need it! πŸ™‚

Thinking….that you should all head over to Sweet Tea and Hydrangeas and check out her post for today!  Mistle, the girl behind Sweet Tea and Hydrangeas, just started a new series: Blogger Bliss and she is featuring me today!  So go check out her post and look around for a bit.  She blogs about beauty, fashion, and few other fun things!  Plus she a fellow Texas blogger! Give her some love! πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “Currently [April]

  1. I've been to all of the places you're going to on your upcoming trip and they're all fantastic! You're going to have a great time! My husband did his AIT at Eustis which is near Williamsburg. We loved the Williamsburg area so much that we're thinking of settling there after he gets out of the Army πŸ™‚ Gettysburg is just beautiful, especially if you have great weather! There's so much more than just the battlefields! It's such a great area πŸ™‚


  2. Still Missing sounds like a very interesting book! I will have to look into reading it soon. I have so many books I need to read but I feel like I never have time to just sit back and read. Of course I love me some Bravo as well! I am so excited for Cameron! She reminds me a little bit of myself when it comes/came to having kids. As she said \”Times a changing y'all\”. I was right were you were with your job currently a year ago. I woke up every morning hating that I had to go to work. This year I made a promise to myself to try to be more positive. I've done a lot better though I still have my days. It happens to us all! I bet your trips are going to be amazing! I can't wait to hear about them. My cruise is coming up and I am really excited. I've been dreaming of the beach for awhile now. Congrats on being almost to 900 followers on Instagram! I have been focusing on that platform more as well. Also I love those bathing suits! I have been wanting to order some from there. Also I am so excited to feature you on my blog today. πŸ™‚


  3. Don't worry, I think that we all go through phases where we don't necessarily like our job and are grumpy about it. I know that I've gone through that phase too! That's so exciting that you're getting to take some of your kids on a field trip though! I've always wanted to go to Philly, but I've never had the chance! I can't wait to hear all about your trip!


  4. I, of course, went over and read your interview on Sweet Tea and Hydrangeas and AH I can't believe how long ago our first blate was! Time really does fly πŸ™‚ I so miss connecting with other bloggers on the regular. I need to get back to it! I can't wait to get a glimpse of your Target maxis!


  5. Your trip to Colonial Williamsburg, Mount Vernon, Gettysburg and Philadelphia sounds fun! I'd love to visit those historical sites someday. When I graduated high school we went on an East Coast trip through New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and some other surrounding areas and had a great time seeing where the Boston Tea Party took place and other landmarks. You don't seem like a grumpy person, but we all have times when we're grumpier than usual. Lol, that cat mom shirt is the best thing ever.


  6. I went through the same phase with teaching (ironically the only year I taught in your district😬). I think it was a combo of administration and my class. The next year I was back to loving it. It's hard being in that situation though. I read your guest post and randomly one of my friends I met here (she's in FL now) was friends in college with Lauren from Aspiring Kennedy! She's the one that told me about her blog and I love it (and her adorable kids) too.


  7. I was also waiting for Maas' new book and picked it up the day after it came out! πŸ™‚ Was it you that used to work for Disney? Sorry, getting my blogs mixed up. If so, I just finished a new release a couple days ago that you might be interested in: \”Of Mouse and Men\” by Nicklaus Hopkins. It's pretty much hilarious. Btw, I NEED that cat mom shirt! Thanks for the post!!


  8. I am glad that I finally got a chance to check out this place. Great views, food is nice. The quality of service at LA venue was great, and the environment were pretty comfortable. I’ll say I will look forward to visit again.


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