The Weekend: Happy Easter

To say it’s been an interesting two weeks since my last life update post would be an understatement.  
To make a very long and boring story short, last Saturday I woke up with a full body rash.  When I saw full body I mean FULL BODY.  It completely covered my face, neck, chest, hands, legs, stomach, back… get it.  It was bad.  It kept me home for five days, including three work days.  The worst of the five was Sunday and by Thursday I was cleared up enough to go back to work.  I saw two different doctors and it was decided that I must have had some type of viral axantham, which basically means a virus that manifests itself as a rash as opposed to a fever and aches.  I guess I can be thankful that I didn’t feel bad but it still wasn’t the most pleasant of expierences.   I literally looked like a leper from the 1800s.  I would have scared little children for sure.  Thankfully it’s pretty much gone from the majority of my body, save for the sides of my arms and my upper legs.  I was told that it just has to go away so now it’s a waiting game to see when it’s going to completely disappear.  
So now that that is documented, lets get onto to my Easter weekend! 

Since it was a holiday weekend, that meant I had Friday off from work as well.  As I mentioned I had missed work Monday to Wednesday so I didn’t have to worry about taking the entire week.  Since my face had finally cleared up I knew the one thing I did not want to do was sit at home all day.  So, I convinced Jenny and her hubby to explore a little bit of Houston that day.  We ended up walking the trails at the Houston Arboretum for the afternoon.  It was the perfect day to spend out doors.  Warm, but with a cool breeze and some cloud cover.  We brought along their three dogs, each of whom had a fabulous time.  We worked up quite an appetite after wandering for a few hours so next we headed to Niko Nikos, a local Greek restaurant that has a couple of different locations around Houston.  I’m not a huge fan of Greek food but it was tasty and hit the spot.  If your a fan of Greek food, then you’ll definitely want to check it out.  
After a particularly active Friday, Saturday was particularly boring.  A leisurely morning was followed by a trip to Trader Joes for some flowers and Target for a few necessities.  While at Target I picked up all the things I needed to make Rice Krispie Treats for my contribution to Easter Sunday lunch.  I’ve never made them myself and was pleasantly surprised at just how easy those tasty little treats are to make.  Butter, mini marshmallows and Rice Krispies are literally all you need.  But I went ahead and followed this recipe.  I also added a few drops of pink and green food coloring to make them a little more festive.  I wrapped up the night with a Lord of the Rings movie marathon.  I know I’m the coolest person ever to all of you right now.  
Easter Sunday dawned bright and early.  I didn’t attend an Easter service this year but I wish I would have.  I headed over to my friend Whitney’s house for Easter lunch with my Rice Krispie Treats in tow.  We had the best afternoon eating, visiting, and celebrating the reason for the day.  After lunch, the adults hid Easter eggs around the apartment complex and then the kids had a blast finding all the eggs.  I was on baby duty for my friend Arielle and loved every minute of it.  Following the Easter Egg Hunt, Jenny and I headed to Barnes and Noble for a quick browse and then headed home for the rest of the evening.  I wrapped up the evening with some tasty leftovers from lunch and the series finale of Girls.  
Overall I had a pretty great Easter weekend.  I’m thankful that the rash is finally clearing up, I just wish it would hurry and clear up on my legs because short season is upon us.  Anyway, I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend!  
Sidenote: There are exactly 5 more Mondays until summer vacation so I’m gonna use that thought to help me get through this Monday!  
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7 thoughts on “The Weekend: Happy Easter

  1. I'm glad that your rash is clearing up for the most part! I don't think that I would have been able to handle being cooped up in the house for so long! And yes to getting out and exploring more of Houston! Saint Arnold has their Pup Crawl at the Houston Arboretum, and it really is a fun place to explore along with pups! I feel like we haven't seen each other in forever! We need a Torchy's date soon!


  2. Holy crap so sorry about your rash. I had hives on my hands and feet two months ago and it was horrible to work with it. I hope yours is totally gone soon.Otherwise sounds like a great weekend! Good idea going to the arboretum.


  3. Ugh the rash sounds super annoying! I'm glad that it finally cleared up and is almost gone for the most part! On a happier note, yay for spring break part two sort of? I know it's never fun to take sick days when you're actually sick though!


  4. Glad to hear your rash is clearing up! Rashes are the worst! I can't believe 5 more Mondays! Ahhhh as a parent, I can say I get as excited (or more excited) about summer vacation than my son lol. Love Houston Arboretum and Niko Niko's… lunch/dinner date soon! I'm moving coming up so definitely after that 🙂


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