Hello April!

HELLO APRIL!!! I am particularly excited about this month because this means we have exactly two months of school left. TWO MONTHS!  I can taste summer and it tastes so good!

I’m honestly not in the mood to make any goals for April.  So instead I’m just gonna share a lot of randomness that’s been floating around in my head the last few weeks and fill you in on how I did on my March goals.  I’m going in on the fun with the What’s New With You link up!

What's New With You

March goals revisited:

1. Spring clean my closet.  Still hasn’t happened.   
2. Work out twice a week for the month.  Yeah no.  I think I went and worked out twice.  Shame on me.  
3.  Write at least 9 blog posts.  Check!
4. Actually get up when my alarm goes off.  Check check!  I’ll let you in on a secret though, I just started setting my alarm for 6:00am and that forced me out of bed since I HAVE to be out the door by 6:45 or else I’m late for work.  I still wish school started an hour later then it does, then getting up would not be a problem.  I’m usually awake naturally at 7 or 7:30 on weekends.
5. Read 5 more books.  Check Check Check.  Once again I had some really good reads in March.  I’ll be sharing them next week! 

And now on to the randomness……

[one] I’m highly considering switching over to WordPress.  And when I say highly considering I mean that I’ve pretty much decided to do it, I just need to do some research on the best way to go about it.  I know that I’m probably gonna need to hire someone to do it for me, because I don’t think I’ll be able to handle all the coding involved to do it myself.  But I don’t want to pay a ton of money on the process but this little ol blog of mine isn’t exactly raking in the dough.  In fact it’s raking in no dough.  

[two] I’ve been working really hard to up my Instagram game and it’s really paying off!  I downloaded Helene’s free ebook on how to grow your Instagram and y’all it’s totally working.  Instagram is my favorite social media outlet.  I love taking pictures, looking at pictures and connecting with other bloggers!  

You can follow me on Instagram here

[three] I am so sick of the dark circles under my eyes.  I feel like I’ve tried every single under eye concealer, foundation, and cream under the sun and they still show they’re ugly faces.  

[four] I love Dancing with the Stars but I can’t stand Erin Andrews.  She tries way to hard to be funny and is so annoying when she is interviewing the stars and their partners after they dance.  

[five] The Amazing Race is back on TV.  I have always wanted to go on this show and that hasn’t changed.  Maybe this should be motivation to actually work out.  Because if nothing else you have to be in shape to run that race.  

[six] I’m finally on the Halo Top ice cream train.  So tasty.  

[seven] I watched the season premier of Southern Charm on Monday and I could not stop lusting after Cameran’s swimsuit.  It is exactly that I’m looking for for the cruise.  SO CUTE.  I found out via Instagram (which is you’re not following her on social media you should be because she is HILARIOUS) that she got the suit at TJMaxx!  So I’ll be scouring all the TJMaxx’s in Houston until I find it.  

[eight] Brady update.  He is LOVING life at my parents house. My mom sent me a video of him playing with her cat outside.  They were chasing each other, climbing trees and just having the best time.  My mom said that he basically spends all his time out there now but comes in at night for some snuggles and love.  This makes my heart so happy and proves I made the right decision.  Sadie is much happier too.  She’s relaxed and super cuddly again.  I’ve even seen her playing with the toys I have around the house.  Yet another sign that I made the right decision.

[nine] I’m think about chopping off my hair for the summer.  I just don’t want my face to look fat. But I really want to do it.  

[ten]  I am literally a grandma.  At 8:30 every night I get so tired and am fighting to keep my eyes open past 9:30.  I can’t make it past that without falling asleep on the couch though. SO TIRED ALL THE TIME.  I think this is another clue that I need summer to get here, like now.


Alright, well I’ve babbled enough I suppose.  I’m really hoping to start posting more than just book reviews and randomness soon.  I really want this blog to start going in a more concentrated direction I think.  Since I’m not super happy with teaching anymore I really want to start exploring other options and who knows, if I start taking it seriously my little space of the internet could turn into more.  I’m so stuck on what I want to do and am constantly changing my mind.  I’m planning to use a large portion of this summer to really think about it and start making some definite strides to where I want my life to go.  

Wish me luck and say a prayer that I figure it out soon!

7 thoughts on “Hello April!

  1. I love Cameron on Instagram! She is the best!! Her swimsuit was totally on point too :)I keep forgetting to try Halo Top when I go to the grocery store…I just never remember to look for it.


  2. Hooray for Brady and Sadie both loving the new situation! I know that it was a hard decision for you, but it definitely sounds like the best. I've heard horror stories about the migration from Blogger to WordPress, so I hope that you find someone that can help you out. We definitely need to meet up for dinner sometime soon!


  3. School here starts at 9, it was so nice when I was teaching because I always felt so much more rested and prepared because I had already been up for a few hours. I love that swimsuit, I can never find cute one pieces like that!


  4. why are you thinking of switching to wordpress? just curious 🙂 i know we talked about this already but i'm glad brady is doing well, and sadie too. girl i feel you on the under eye circles. it is what it is i guess. and yes to being a grandma, i'm in bed most nights by 9-9:30. i can't get up early if i don't go to bed at a reasonable time. and the less i exercise, the less tired i feel – which is weird, you'd think it would be the other way, but i know it's been proven that exercise gives you more energy and helps you sleep better, which are things i need all the help i can get with!


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