Spring Break and Birthday Shenanigans

29 and feelin’ fine!  Wow that sounded lame.  But I have to say it is true.

Last week was basically a week long weekend for me.  I spent the entirety of my Spring Break hanging out in my hometown with my parents and best friend.  And while it wasn’t terribly exciting it was still one of the best weeks I’ve had in a while.  I would have posted this recap yesterday but I drove for 10 hours straight and was exhausted by the time I got home.  The older I get the harder it is to sit in one place for that long!  
Any who, here were the highlights of the week!
MY BIRTHDAY!  Saturday I celebrated my 29th birthday!  I celebrated with pedicures with my mom, seeing Beaty and the Beast, and a delicious dinner at one of my families favorite restaurants Billy Cruise.  
Side note: Beauty and the Beast was amazing!  It was actually much better than what I thought it would be, because I was worried that it would be so CGI that it wouldn’t be believable.  But that was not the case at all.  I loved that it basically mirrored the animated classic perfectly and I loved all the new songs that were added too.   I’m excited to see it again this Thursday!

Please excuse the fact that you can see my bra strap in two of these! (insert eye roll emoji here)  Clearly I am NOT a fashion blogger! ; )

 A big thanks to Ashley (The Wandering Weekenders) for taking my birthday pictures for me this year!  I love that she and I have made this a tradition!

Quality time with my parents.   Living 10 hours away from my family can really suck sometimes.  I sometime wish I lived in the same city as them so I could pop over for dinner whenever I wanted.  So it was great to have some uninterrupted time with them.  
Photoshoot with my bestie.  Not only does living 10 hours away from you parents suck but so does living 10 hours away from your best friend.  Thankfully she and I talk basically everyday so it’s not that bad.  But nothing beats getting to see her in person.  Especially now that she has a little girl.  Every time I’m in town though I make a point to spend a night or two with her.  This time around we decided to have a little photoshoot.  Before she became a full time mommy, Ashley was a rockstar teacher and a year or so ago she opened her own little shop on a website called Teachers Pay Teachers where she sells lesson plans and other items to other teachers.  She’s decided to take her success a step further and create a full on website and focus her attention on Classroom Management.    SO….she needed a few professional photos to use for her new site.  Plus I needed a few photos that I could use here on my little space of the internet so we took pictures for each other! 
Las Cruces, NM surprisingly has some great photo spots and thankfully we were able to snag some pretty good ones!  

Brady found a new home with my parents.  Ok so this last one isn’t exactly a highlight but it’s not a lowlight either.  For a while now, I’ve been thinking about letting Brady live with my parents.  They have a nice big backyard and a way for Brady to be an indoor and outdoor cat.  He has so much energy and it’s been hard to keep him cooped up in my apartment.  So I made the very rough decision to leave him with my parents.  He absolutely LOVES being outside and I can tell that he is so much happier.  But I may or may not have started bawling as I drove away on Sunday morning and it is super quite in the apartment without him.  Thankfully I still have Sadie but she is so much quieter and  laid back than Brady is.  My mom has been sending me pictures and updates on how he’s doing and thankfully I’ll be able to see him every time I go home! 
I just went through a bunch of the picture I took of him as a kitten and now I’m getting weepy again.  
So I think this is a good place to wrap up.
Over all it was a pretty good week.  Very laid back and relaxing.  I loved getting to spend my birthday with my parents and brother.  Next year I’m hoping to be in Europe somewhere, right now it’s looking like it’s gonna be Iceland and Denmark (woo hoo!), so it was really nice to spend my 29th with them.  
I wish I could say I was ready to come back to work but I’d be lying.  I’m so over this school year and am anxiously awaiting June 2nd!  🙂
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4 thoughts on “Spring Break and Birthday Shenanigans

  1. Coming back to work after a nice long weekend away is always so tough, I'm gonna feel it next week for sure! Yay for all the photoshoots, you look stunning in all of the pictures! Iceland/Denmark sound incredible for a 30th bday trip!


  2. I'm so sorry that you had to leave Brady with your parents, but I know that he'll be so happy having a big backyard to run around in! And hooray for getting some quality time with your parents and bestie during Spring Break! I seriously can't wait to see Beauty & The Beast on Thursday! #bestbirthdaypresentever


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