March Goals

Goodbye February, Hello March!

My favorite month is upon us and I am so ready.  Not only is it my birthday month, but it’s also officially spring time!  Not to mention the fact that we get a whole week off from school for Spring Break, which is much needed at this point.

So my first foray into making monthly goals was last month and it was a major success!  Here’s how I did:

February Goals Revisited

1. Read 5 books.  Check! There were two in particular that I really liked!  Next week I’ll be reviewing those.

2. Clean out my closet.  Yeah that didn’t happen.  I had plenty of opportunities to do this and I just didn’t.  So I’ll be moving that to my March goals list.

3. Print photos for my frames.  Check!  The hard part was deciding which pictures to actually put in the frames.  I solved that by printing out a few extras in each size so I can switch them out every now and then.  I have another project in mind so I can have more photos showcased.  I just need to buy the frames!

4. Open a separate savings account.  Check!  My friend Abby told me about an online bank called Ally and after doing a little bit of research on it I opened up an account.  I now will have a certain amount automatically transferred from my main account to savings account every month.  I feel so good about this.  I feel like it is a good step in being more financially aware and secure!

Go me!  Ok so now onto new goals for a new month!


1. Spring clean my closet.  This one is a carry over from last month, since it didn’t happen.

2. Work out twice a week for the month.  I think this is going to be my hardest goal to accomplish.  But it needs to happen.  I really have no excuse to not work out.  One, I have a gym at my apartment complex that from what I can tell, rarely gets any use.  Two, I literally go home after work and sit on my couch and either read or watch TV.  I’m done with coaching for the year and so my time has really opened up.  See no excuse.  So I’m going to make it happen.  The only week this might not happen is the week of Spring Break because I’m heading home and the probability that I’ll work out that week is slim to none.

3.  Write at least 9 blog posts.  Last march I wrote 18 posts in the month of March.  To be fair I was on a blogging high because at the end of last February I attended the Thrive Blog Conference so my creative juices were really flowing.  Still I’ve been slacking it for the last couple months and I want to get back into the swing of things.

4. Actually get up when my alarm goes off.  Y’all I am the absolute WORST at this.  I never get up at the time I actually set my alarm for. NEVER.  I usually set my alarm for 5:30 and always end up getting out of bed at 6 or 6:15 (yesterday it was 6:30).  But I really want to get better at this so I’m not having to do my mascara in the car or getting to work a little late or right when I’m supposed to.  Oh and did I mention I HATE getting up to an alarm, because I do.

5. Read 5 more books.  February turned out to be a great reading month and I’m really hoping March is too, which if why I’m getting another reading goal.  Thankfully Spring Break is this month and that will give me plenty of good reading time.


Here’s hoping I’m as successful with my March goals as I was with the February ones!

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9 thoughts on “March Goals

  1. Great job on 3/4 of your goals for last month! I can't wait to hear what books you read! I'm really bad at waking up when my alarm goes off too and am with you on trying to get on a workout routine.


  2. I'm so looking forward to hearing about which books you read! You can totally do the 2 times a week workout! Just encourage yourself every day and you'll find yourself going! Good luck, girl. xo


  3. Great goals you have set girl! The working out one is hard, but hopefully you can get that done! I literally snooze my alarm once every morning, I need to work on just getting up at the time my alarm is set to. There's just something about those extra 9 minutes of sleep haha! Yay to birthday month!!


  4. good job on your goals girl! you can totally do the working out one, especially because your gym is so close! in your apartment complex?! i'm so jealous. tell yourself you have to snap a picture when you workout, and i will be counting. accountability is super helpful! and with your alarm – what do you use? phone or clock? move it further away so you physically have to get up. or try and use like a different app or fitbit or something to help you wake up slowly. i hate a loud blaring alarm waking me up, so my fitbit vibrates a few minutes (ok like 15-20 mins) before my actual alarm, it really really helps. it wakes me up gently so when my real alarm goes off, i'm slightly awake. before i had a fitbit, i used an app on my phone that started playing music – i just hose the p&p soundtrack because it's nice and peaceful lol but enough to wake me up a bit if that makes sense. it's so much easier to get up when you're not cranky about how you woke up.


  5. OMG I am so bad about snoozing. Sometimes it's just once, but sometimes me & the MR work opposite shifts. When we do & I know my snoozing won't wake him up, 'cause he's not even around, I'll snooze FOREVER.Good luck with that one – it's a tough habit to break!


  6. So I desperately need to clean out my closet as well! It's so messy and there are clothes in there that I haven't worn since college! I seriously don't know why I haven't gotten rid of them yet! I love your book reading and I'm sure that you'll nail that with spring break coming up! You know that you'll have at least one post when we take pictures again!


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