A Very Merry Weekend

Happy day after Christmas friends!  I don’t know about y’all but my Christmas was just about perfect.   I really liked that Christmas fell on a weekend this year.  It feels fitting somehow that Christmas and the new year will start on a Sunday.

Anyway, as I was saying this Christmas was just about as perfect as a Christmas can be.  So without further ado…..here were the highlights:

FRIDAY: Christmas Eve Eve

Friday was literally the laziest day I’ve had in a long time.  I spent two night with my bestie and her family and drove home Friday around noon.  I literally stayed in PJs for the rest of the day and laid around the rest of the day.  I finished up the book I had been listening to on my long drive across Texas, (by the way: stay tuned tomorrow for my top books of 2016!) and started another.  Which I was finished in a single day, I now have just two books left in my challenge.  Piece of cake.  We finished up the night watching a movie as a family. 

SATURDAY: Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve kicked off with a lazy morning at home with coffee and some yummy biscotti that Ashley made while I was at her place earlier in the week.  Thankfully I had done all my Christmas shopping, so I didn’t have a run out and get any last minute things.  So instead the day was filled with Christmas movies!  I was finally able to watch one of my favorite Christmas time movies, Meet Me in St. Louis and even saw a holiday movie I had never seen, Holiday Affair.  
The highlight of the day was heading out to Christmas Eve dinner.  My dad decided that we were going to start a new Christmas Eve tradition and go out to dinner.  Apparently they used to do that with my grandparents until one of my aunts ruined it by refusing to attend the dinner since she couldn’t control my cousin while the family was out to dinner.  We had dinner at Ruth’s Chris, a very tasty steak house.  We were pleased with the overall meal but sadly the service was a little lacking that night.  Nonetheless we had a great dinner.  Afterwards we drove around downtown and looked at the Christmas lights.  It’s the start of a great Christmas tradition!  
Once we all got home it wasn’t long before we were all snug in bed, waiting for Santa! 🙂  
(We were lame and didn’t take any pictures…so here’s one I took at Disney at the beginning of the month!)

SUNDAY: Christmas Day

Christmas Day around my house is a little different than most of my friends right now.  Neither my brother nor I have a spouse or kids so no one is up at the crack of dawn anymore waiting dying to see what Santa brought.  At least not yet!  But my mom still likes to spoil us with stockings hung one our fireplace.  We all enjoyed some coffee and The Santa Clause while we waited for my brother to get up and then we had a nice leisurely half hour or so opening presents. 
 My mom found me the cutest entry way table for my apartment and she got me a few other kitchen items that I don’t have.  Some cash and perfume rounded out my gifts for this Christmas.  I went the technology route this year when it came to the gifts I gave my parents and brother.   I got my brother and Dad each a Kindle Fire but I was most excited to give my mom her gift.  She’s still carrying around an iPhone 4!  Yep, you read that right, a 4!!  So my brother and I decided to go in together and surprise her with a new iPhone 7.  I was so excited to give it to her I almost couldn’t wait till Christmas morning but she was so excited when she opened it!  It’s gonna be a big adjustment going from a 4 to a 7 and it’ll be fun watching her figure out all the stuff she can do with the 7 that she couldn’t with the 4!
After presents we had a tasty breakfast and then got ready for church.  It was a lovely Christmas filled service complete with a few of my favorite Christmas hymns.  After church we headed to our Christmas Day tradition, the movies.  This year my choice was overrode and we went to see Why Him?  I’ll be honest, I had pretty low expectations for this movie but it was surprisingly hilarious.  
Following the movie we came back to the house and had a nice relaxing rest of our evening.  Mom started cooking Christmas dinner, this year it’s Pozole, a Mexican soup type dish.  Little different then your traditional turkey or ham but just as delicious!  
One of the biggest perks of the day was when I won $150 on a scratch off!  My parents always put a few in our stockings and together my brother won about $13, after the movie we decided to swing by the convenient store and “double down” our winnings.  Which apparently means buying more scratches offs.  My brother bought 6 more tickets and wouldn’t you know it, I won!!  We decided to split anything we won, so tomorrow I’ll be about 75 bucks richer!  Woo hoo!
Overall, Christmas 2016 was fantastic.  It was everything Christmas should be, relaxing and full of love and laughter.  Now it’s time to enjoy the last few days of 2016!

I hope y’all all had the merriest of Christmas’s!

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4 thoughts on “A Very Merry Weekend

  1. Sounds like a fantastic and relaxing Christmas. I love that y'all started new traditions this year. I've been to Ruth Chris' once for a rep dinner and I was pretty pleased, I think with the holidays maybe they had slim pickings for staff. My parents still have the iPhone 4 and are totally due for an upgrade this coming year. I went the tech route with my sister and hubs too!


  2. We always do scratch offs in our stockings too, and I think that your winnings are the most that we've ever won in our household ever! $150 is so awesome! And I love that your Friday was just lazing around the house! I almost wish that we had an extra day so I could have done that and relaxed a little bit! It sounds like your Christmas was awesome, and filled with lots of family time!


  3. What a great holiday with your family! Such a great gift for your mom- I'm sure she was so surprised, it's the best when you can't wait to give someone whatever gifts you've picked out for them. We usually do scratch offs every year, but you just reminded me that we didn't this year! Winning $150 is definitely an awesome payout 🙂


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