A September Life Update

Hello and happy Monday friends!  I’ve been pretty silent in all forms of social media lately.  So today’s post is brought to you by my need to give a life update.  I mentioned this on Instagram but I’ve just been having a hard time getting back into the swing of work and blog.   I’m exhausted when I come home from work in the evening and literally want to do nothing more than watch crap TV.  But like I said, I’m gonna work on it!

Alrighty, so what in the world has been going on with me during the month of September you ask?  Here’s a little update:

-First of all I can hardly believe we are already in the 9th month of the year.  Like holy wow that came up quick.  Next thing you know I’ll be showing off my Christmas decor and it’ll be 2017!

-Work work and more work.  Between teaching and coaching my life is consumed by work.  During the week if I’m not at school, then I’m sleeping.

– Labor Day weekend was by far one of my favorite weekends of the entire year!  I went to Atlanta, Georgia and met one of my new nieces! I spent 4 days with them and smothered Brynn with all the cuddles I could.  We had a great time hanging out at Jordan and Brian’s house and exploring their part of Atlanta.  I cannot wait to see them again in December at our home away from home!

– I’ve finally gotten to the point where I like living alone.  It took about a month and half for me to really adjust and decide I like it.  But I’m happy to report that it has happened!  More details on my thoughts on living alone are coming in a post all it’s own later this week!

– I tried Sprinkles Cupcakes while in Atlanta for the first time and while it was definitely tasty, but I honestly don’t see what all the fuss is about.  If you ask me Nothing Bundt Cakes is better.

– I’ve been trying to pick up some odds and ends for the apartment.  I feel like my bookcase needs some series love and I’m struggling with finding pieces I like.

– The trip to Disney that I was supposed to go on in October was cancelled, but I’ll be going in December instead.  Which honestly has me even more excited, because hello…Christmas at Disney is the best time of the year.

– One of my favorite authors, Sarah J. Maas released the latest book in the Throne of Glass book. Empire of Storms and it was amazing.  I can’t wait to write my review on it in October!

– This weekend was the perfect blend of relaxation and getting stuff done.  I love weekends like that! I met up with a friend, read a book, took some pictures for a friend,  and went to 3 of my favorites stores: Barnes & Noble, Home Goods, and Target.

– While taking the pictures, my friend Rebekah found the most adorable little spot for picture taking!  I cannot wait to go back to this area and take more pictures!

-I also watched a little Netflix and got my DVR all ready for the big network premier week!  A ton of my favorite shows are coming back this week and I may not be able to catch them all in real time.  So thank god for DVR!


Whelp, there ya have it.  September has mostly been about work and I don’t see it being any different as we wrap up the last two weeks of the month.

Have a great Monday friends! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “A September Life Update

  1. i am so glad you like living alone now, i was worried for a second!! and i'm sorry to hear it's been hard to get back into the swing of things, KC always has a funky (not in a good way) month when he is back at school. it throws me off my routines sometimes as well.my library STILL doesn't have empire of storms, i think i am going to have to buy it, which i am trying not to do!


  2. The past 2-3 months I've just had nothing to do and still couldn't get blogging done as a priority, but I'm slowly making it work. I start work next week and I imagine that's gonna be rough to add to the mix, but all I can do is try. Little Brynn is soooo cute and how fun that you got to see her over LDW! I'm so jealous that you're going to Disney over Christmas, I looove Disney and cannot wait to go back soon! Yes to HomeGoods & Target, loove! That mural looks so pretty, I've only been to Katy/Cinco Ranch area once and loved it, cannot wait to make it back there and find this mural! When your schedule lightens up (and Ashley gets back from Europe) we need to figure out a time to meet up!! Hope October treats you well :)!


  3. I've felt just like you in terms of work and I'm not even coaching. I think getting into the swing of a new school year takes a lot out of you! So fun that you got to see your friend's baby! Loved seeing all of the snuggle pics! 🙂


  4. Seeing friends is definitely the best, especially when you get to dote on their newest additions to their families! I'm sorry that it's been so tough getting back into the groove with school and coaching, but hopefully things will get smoother quickly! I still can't believe that it's almost October now! It's crazy how fast this year is going! That sucks that your Disney trip got canceled, but you're right, Disney in December will be so pretty because of Christmas! Plus it'll be cooler too!


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