Apartment Tour: The Living Room

It’s been 23 days since I moved into my very own apartment.  And it’s been quite an emotional 23 days. Now when I saw I emotional, I don’t meant that I’ve been sitting in my apartment alone and crying.  I just mean I’ve experienced all the emotions in those 23 days.  Happiness, excitement, sadness, eagerness, satisfaction, and most especially loneliness.  
But today’s post it’s about that, trust me I have that planned for a later day.  Todays’ post is share what that apartment looks like with you.  
Since I first decided that I would be moving into my own space back in December, I’ve had been slowly picking up pieces that I wanted to incorporate into my living room.  My bedroom was taken care of but I had virtually nothing for the living room/kitchen.  I even wrote this post about what I was hoping my living room would look like.
And I am so happy with the outcome.  SO HAPPY!! Thankfully I don’t mind sitting in my apartment because I’m so happy with how it turned out decor wise.  So rather than ramble on and on about it.  I’m just going to show you.  

I have a stack of these old books by the author Kathleen Norris.  She was an American author in the in 1900s and apparently she was the highest paid female author of the time!  I’ve never read any of them because seriously the books look like they’re about to fall apart.  But they made for perfect decor items on the bookshelf!

There ya have it!  I still have a few items I’d like to get that I think will add to the room.  I want to get a rug and come curtains.  I’d also like to add to few more decor items to the bookshelf and the coffee table.  But those are things that I can start looking for an buy a little at a time.

Here’s where I bought some of the bigger items:

Couch – Macey’s (but purchased online at a fantastic price!)
Bookshelf – IKEA (painted gold)
Coffee table – IKEA
Gray chairs – Marshall’s
Media Center – Home Goods
Lamps – Marshall’s
Painting- Hobby Lobby
Mirror- Home Goods
Desk – Craiglist
Desk Chair- Marshall’s
Pillows- Target

7 thoughts on “Apartment Tour: The Living Room

  1. Like I told you before, I absolutely love the way your apartment turned out! It's just so girly and pretty and so totally you! I seriously might come back when you're at school and steal your chairs because I love them so much! I still can't get over how perfectly they go with your couch!


  2. Everything looks amazing– I love the gold with the colors in the painting and your couch pillows. I think I have that Ikea hack pinned for the bookshelf, it turned out amazing! Those chairs are such a great Marshall's find! And totally random but that amsterdam candle was one of my favorites!


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