5 Things I Learned While In Our Nation’s Capitol

Happy Friday friends!

Well I’m back from my big summer trip and now it’s back to everyday life in Texas.  I feel like it’s always hard to get back into the swing of things after you come back from vacation.  It takes me at least 2 days to feel like things are back to normal.  Thus why I’ve been absent from the blog since I’ve been back.

But, since I’ve just returned from our nation’s capitol I thought it would be fun to dedicate this Oh Hey Friday post to just that, our nation’s capitol.  Now obviously I have full recaps coming, but first I need to sort through the 600 pictures I took on my fancy camera.  So today, I’m taking a page from one of my blogging besties book (thanks Ashley!) and sharing 5 things I learned while in our nation’s capitol!

1. The movies and TV shows all lie.  Lots movie/TV shows (ie. House of Cards, Night at the Museum, and National Treasure) make it seem like everything is super close together. That is completely false.  Yes you can see lots of things but it takes at least 15-20 minutes to get everywhere.  Also the White House is MUCH small than I was anticipating.  Also no pictures are allowed in the National Archives, especially in the room with the Declaration of Independence!   But very cool nonetheless! Obviously.  The history teacher/nerd in me was salivating the entire trip!

2. Uber is the best thing to happen to travel since airplanes.  This was my first time using Uber in a major city and it was amazing.  So much cheaper than a taxi and so easy to use.  Plus Uber is super customer service oriented.  One night we had a driver who clearly had no idea where the hell he was going.  We were charged 46 bucks for a ride that should have been 8 or 9.  Thankfully when I wrote in I was refunded and charged the correct amount.  But if you’ve never Uber’ed anywhere, get on it.  So easy and cheap,

3.  Booking everything in advance was the best idea ever.  Thank goodness I booked some things in advance.  Especially when it came to touring The Capitol and the White House.  Those were by far the best building we toured.  And neither would ave been possible had I not done a little research and booked our tours back in February!

View of the First Lady’s Garden from inside the White House

View from the Red Room inside the White House!

4.  The U.S. Capitol is a lot like the Magic Kingdom. There is a tunnel that connects the offices of our Congressman to the Capitol so they don’t have to walk above ground.  I booked our tour of the Capitol through my Congressman’s office and so that meant we had a private tour with one of the Congressional interns to the Congressman.  Which was amazing because instead of being with a group of 30-50, we had a private tour.  Yep, you read that right, it was just the four of us and the intern (his name was Jared).  IT was awesome.  Especially because we got to walk through the tunnels that connect the Congressional offices to the Capitol itself.  Apparently there is also a tram system down there too.  But it’s not open to the public and you must have an escort.  It 100% reminded me of the tunnels under the Magic Kingdom.  And it was very cool! 🙂

View of the Capitol from the tunnels. They have these large windows in certain places to allow for some natural light to come through.  

Painting inside the dome in the rotunda of the US Capitol building.  The painting is called Apotheosis of Washington painted in 1865 by an Italian artist. 
On either side of Washington are the angels Victoria (Victory) and Liberty and the other angels surrounding him represent the 13 colonies.  Apparently there are 3 or 4 angels who have their back turned to Washington and these angels are meant to represent the colonies that were still in rebellion as the painting was painted during the last few months of the Civil War. 

5.  Georgetown is a bloggers dream town.  Our hotel was in Arlington which is just a hop, skip and a jump from Georgetown.  We ventured into Georgetown twice, for the same reason. Luke’s Lobsters.  SO FRAKIN GOOD!  Georgetown itself was adorable and I wish we had had a little more time to explore.  It was a bloggers dream though: brick walls, lots of shopping, adorable rows of colorful homes, and tons of cute photo ops!  Obviously I took advantage on the Fourth of July!

We really did have the best time romping around Washington D.C.!  Especially as a history teacher and nerd.  There were times when I was just in awe of the things I was seeing.  I really think that every American should visit our nation’s capitol at least once in their life.  I think it would help every appreciate the great country we live in just a little bit more!


Alrighty!  So now that my big vacation is over and done with, and I have no major travel plans for the rest of the summer I can fully dedicate myself to my little space of the internet and to moving!  (Which is happening in 2 weeks! WOO HOO!)

Have a great weekend friends! 🙂  Catch ya on Monday!

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8 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned While In Our Nation’s Capitol

  1. I loved this post so much! I noticed the last time that we were there that we couldn't take pictures of the Declaration of Independence and when I went back and looked at my pictures from my first trip there I totally had one. Oops! We still have never called our congressman to get a tour of the Capital, but it sounds so awesome! I also love that you pretty much had a private tour too! Georgetown looks gorgeous, and I love that picture with your America scarf! So cute and bloggery!


  2. YAY! So glad you had such a great time! I really want to get down to DC again before I move. Yeah, things are definitely spread out down there but between the metro and walking, I agree, usually 15 to 20 mins to get places. I LOVE Georgetown! I would love to live there at some point!


  3. DC is another place on my list of US cities I still need to explore. I love the tip about going through your congressman, I would have never thought of that. That lobster roll looks so good, have you been to Maine-ly Sandwiches in Houston? There's are really good but I'm sure don't compare to the real thing!


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