Three Reasons

Remember when I decided to be really cool and reupholster a vintage couch that I found in my neighbors yard.  That was back in April (Easter weekend to be exact) and up until Memorial Day weekend I had literally done nothing in regards to said couch.  It had just been sitting in our front living room being slept on and pooped on by the animals in our house.

During Memorial Day weekend I decided to finally get a jump on the project.  I spent one whole day totally dedicated to the couch.  I ripped, pulled, wiggled, and yanked at every piece of fabric, trim, batting, and at the hundred nails scattered around the couch.

Once it was stripped I was pretty excited about the next part.  So excited in fact that I’ve officially decided to abandon the whole project.

I’ve realized that if I write out exactly what happened to make me come to this decision this post would be the longest post ever, so I’m gonna break it down to just 3 reasons I’ve decided to abandon the project.

[one]  This couch needs A LOT of work.  Ok so the amount of work this couch needs is unreal.  The legs need to be replaced, all the batting under the fabric needs to be replaced, all three cuchions on the couch need to be replaced, the fabric (obviously) need to be replaced, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it needed to be fumigated and like de-bugged or something.  When I first looked at the couch I thought….oh this will be totally do-able.  But once i really started, there was a lot more work than meets the eye.

[two] This project was supposed to SAVE me money not cost me MORE money.  When I sat down and really started to price out how much it was going to cost to re-cover this sofa, I realized I would be spending just as much re-doing it as I would on a brand new couch.  I even looked into getting it professionally refurbished and that too would have been just as much as a new couch.

[three]   While I’m confident I would do an ok job in the actual reupholstering of couch, I don’t want to spend $700 and the results just be “ok”.  While I know I can get a professional to do to it and it would look great.  I know that I can find something I’m just as happy with that is brand new for the same amount of money.  


Overall, whole point of this project was too save myself some money.  And once I realized I would not be saving any money, I became super disillusioned with the whole thing.  Sad but true.

So I am back to square one on the couch front.  I have already found one that I really like on that new app called Offerup.  But I haven’t heard back from the seller yet.  I’m hoping I do, because I really really like this couch.  And I think it would go well with everything else in the apartment.  But just in case I don’t hear back, I’ve already started looking for similar couches in hopes that I find one I love.

I’m sad to be letting go of the project because I was really excited about the prospect, but I just don;t think it’s worth all the time and money I’ll be spending.

I think I’ll stick with easy DIY jobs like stools and picture frames.

7 thoughts on “Three Reasons

  1. So sorry that it ended up being a project that you abandoned, but it sounds like it was the right call in the long run. I still give you props for attempting it in the first place! 🙂


  2. i totally get it girl! it's like that meme on pinterest saying something about making something crafty instead of buying some $10 thing – but first i need to spend $100 at the craft store. i am tempted to do things like this, but ultimately it would be more money and work that i'm not prepared to put into something. good for you for realising it before wasting (more) time and money on it.


  3. Oh, girl, I relate to and understand every word in this post! Good for you for coming to a final decision to not commit any more time/money on it, and be ok with that! Isn't it insane how DIY project go from fun and crafty to stressful in like, A SECOND?! I loved this post because it's so human/normal, and blogging world is often fake. I like that you're being realistic and true to yourself! XO Kelsey


  4. That sucks that you're abandoning the project, but I totally understand! I'm not crafty at all and I have to admit that DIY projects really scare me. I think that it's awesome that you attempted it, and like you said, the point was to save you money. If the end result was a lot of cash outflow for something you hated that would have been terrible!


  5. Bummer about the project being more work and money than you expected. I guess it just makes more sense to get a new couch rather than put so much effort into just an \”ok\” turn out. Hopefully the seller responds and you get the couch you want, fingers crossed :)!!!


  6. I hate when things like this happen. When a project is SUCH a good idea at the time and then you realize… exactly what you realized. And then I've got projects half started from over TEN years ago that I can't bring myself to get rid of… one day, man.


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