Confessional Thursday [Vol. 3]

// This is the first time I’ve sat down at my home computer ALL WEEK.  
// I haven’t been very inspired to blog lately.  Then I looked at my drafts folder and realized I have a bunch of ideas for posts…I just haven’t executed any of them.  womp womp
// I am SO glad Southern Charmed is back.   That show is drama filled craziness and I love every minute of it.
// I found the fabric for my couch and am very excited about it.  I had planned to do a post on all inspirations on Pinterest yesterday and didn’t.  But it’s already in the works for next week and then I’ll be sharing the fabric I’ve actually found! 🙂  I won’t be buying anything for the couch until May but I’m excited to actually have a vision for the couch.
// I’ve already failed in my “No-pril” quest.  Upon reflection I shouldn’t have made the pack for April….I have a friend coming in town this weekend and obviously we’ll be going to dinner.  But I have succeeded in the no spend on clothing, home decor, books….stuff like that , just not in the no eating out part.  
// I’m dying to go to the new color wall here in Houston.  It was created by Ashley and her team over at Sugar and Cloth.  I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing Ashley speak at the Thrive Blog Conference back in February.  I mean look at how fun this wall looks!   
Image via Sugar and Cloth
Thankfully Ashley from The Wandering Weekenders and I have made plans to see it in a few weeks!  We can’t wait to have a photo shoot in front of it!
// Someone keeps creating these “fan pages” of me on Instagram. I’m 99% sure they are being created by my students and it’s super annoying.  The first one was created on Oscar night and then it stopped for a few weeks and then they get created again.  It’s SUPER annoying.  Every time I see one like one of my pictures I just block it but someone keeps making them.  Again….ANNOYING. 
//  I’ve been slacking it on the reading front lately.  I’m STILL reading You by Caroline Kepnas…I guess that tells you something about the book though doesn’t it.
And that’s a wrap friends.  Next week will be much better on the blogging from my neck of the woods! 🙂
Happy Thursday! Linking up with Jessica
Also linking up with Kristen from See You in A Porridge for her What’s New With You….because these are basically those too. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Confessional Thursday [Vol. 3]

  1. That color wall is so pretty! Can't wait to see the photos you take when you go and visit!Is your Instagram page private? If not, maybe you should make it so they can't see your photos? That would annoy me too!


  2. I'm so excited that we have a date set to go and see the color wall! It's seriously so pretty! I know what you mean about not being motivated sometimes to blog! Last week I seriously just let it all go and decided to relax instead. And I don't know why but I don't watch Southern Charm! I watch everything else on Bravo and love it! I loved our trip to Charleston, and I think that I want to start watching it just to say that I've been there lol


  3. Sometimes I get into a slump, I've been blocked lately on what to write about, but after sitting down and jotting down ideas I'm hoping to get some drafts set up this weekend! Can't wait to read all about the couch inspirations! I was trying to do a no-pril too, I haven't been doing soo great, but this is the worst month because so many sales!! Oh my, that color wall is gorgeous…where is it located? I'm gonna be in Houston at the end of May and need to see it! How fun that you and Ashley are gonna check it out :)!


  4. thanks for linking up with us girly! so you aren't loving 'You'? it definitely wasn't something i would normally read but i mostly enjoyed it. i haven't read much of anything for a couple of weeks. i ate out today so i failed my no-pril as well, but i still haven't had any candy or chocolate or ice cream so i say i'm going strong lol. that colour wall looks amazing!


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