Bluebonnets: A Texas Tradition

Bluebonnet season is upon us in the great state of Texas.  If you don’t already know, the Bluebonnet or Lupinis texensis, is the state flower of Texas.  You can usually find this pretty wildflower from March-April along the many highways and across the plains of Texas.  As you’re driving down said highways you’ll likely see signs that say “No-Mow Area” so that way they can be enjoyed for the duration of their appearance during the Spring.  They only bloom in the Spring so it’s important to keep a sharp eye out in March and April so you don’t miss them.
I was born in West Texas and if you don’t know, West Texas is covered in desert as opposed to plains and hills like central and east Texas.  So I didn’t grow up seeing bluebonnets and taking pictures in them every year.  But for most Texas families, that’s the big tradition.  Taking spring time pictures in huge fields of bluebonnets or along the side of the highway.  So when I moved to Houston, one of the things I was most excited for was exactly that.  Finding a huge field of bluebonnets and taking pictures in them!  Sadly, last year we went searching for the bluebonnets too late in the season and so we missed being able to take any.
So this year I determined to get pictures in the bluebonnets.  And as luck would have it, another co-worker of mine asked if I would mind taking some pictures of her and her fiancee in the bluebonnets. And when she graciously offered to take some of me while we were out there I immediately jumped at the offer and BOOM we had plans to find ourselves some bluebonnets.  
We found said bluebonnets down Highway 290 just outside of Houston.  If you’re familiar with the area then we drove down Highway 290 past the Highway 6 turn off toward College Station.  We stopped just off the side of the road on this pretty hill just in front of the “Welcome to Washington County” sign.  Then as we were driving home we spotted a field of them and we may or may not have  snuck onto some private property to take some more.  In our defense their gate was wide open, so we took that as an open invitation to use their bluebonnet field.  We just made sure to be kinda stealthy about it! 
Ok enough of my babbling…lets get onto the goods!  I am SO happy that I finally have some pictures in the bluebonnets.  When I finally have a husband and family, you can bet your butt we’ll be taking pictures in these little beauties every single year! 

Ok now on to some of the pictures I took for my friend Brittny and her fiancee Seth.  They are getting married in July.  They were so fun to shoot and very easy going.  They brought along their gorgeous lab Lucy who is so well trained that it was easy as pie to photograph her!  These bluebonnets are the perfect back drop for a couples session and I LOVE the way their pictures turned out.  So I’ll give myself a little pat on the back for that one.

 This last picture is my all time favorite.  I am obsessed with it!!!! HEART EYE EMOJI TIMES A THOUSAND!!!!!

So moral of the story is if you’re in central Texas anytime between March and April, you are in for a real treat because all the Texas wildflowers will be in full bloom.  Especially along the I-35 corridor (between San Antonio and Austin), the I-45 corridor (between Houston and Dallas), and just any highway in little towns across central Texas.  
From what I can tell the designated “Bluebonnet capitol” is the little town of Ennis, Texas just outside of Dallas.  They have the annual Bluebonnet Festival, which this year is from April 15-17.  And they have specific drive that you can take, that has been named the Bluebonnet Trails, which are open from April 1-30.  Their website has a map you can download, that takes you through several of the fields found throughout the city.  Now I’ve never been their myself but you can find all this information and more on their website, if you are so inclined.  🙂 
OR you can just do what we did and drive around our lovely state until you find some! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Bluebonnets: A Texas Tradition

  1. Funny story! On the distillery tour this past weekend there was a couple from Austin that gave us the FULL history of the blue bonnets!! They really are gorgeous!! And your photos girl – what an eye you have! Just stunning! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston


  2. So pretty girl! I was in Houston last April, but totally missed seeing these. I'll have to wait an entire year to catch them again, but they look worth it. Love the pictures you took girl, the last one is definitely my favorite too!!


  3. Fantastic photos! Those flowers look absolutely gorgeous! I wish we had those in Michigan – they photograph so beautifully! xx,


  4. Bluebonnet season seriously is the best time of the year in Texas! I'm hoping that we'll have a chance to stop and see some soon before they're out of season! All of the pictures of you are so adorable and you took some great pictures of your friend! That last one is so cute and artsy!


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