Exploring Houston: Murals of the City

I’ve lived in Houston for about a year and half.  And one of my goals this year and last has been to explore my city more.  In an effort to do just that, Ashley from The Wandering Weekenders and I spent last Saturday traveling around our fabulous city, looking at a bunch of different murals located in various areas around the city.  
We really had the best day ever (so much so that we both keep gushing over it) and so I wanted to pull together a list of my favorites and give you a list of the others.  I do need to shout out to a blogger friend of mine, Christine, she was an angel and provided the addresses to all the murals we visited, as well as a few extras! 
And I may just have started a brand new blog series without even realizing it! 🙂  

This was my second time to this wall and I can now safely say that it is my all time favorite.  Seriously this wall is so cute and is the perfect backdrop for photographs.    I highly recommend it for all type of photo sessions: senior pictures, engagement, birthday, touristy pictures…you can pretty much use this for any occasion.  I suggest getting there early because you’ll have less people to fight over the wall with.  You can read more about the wall itself on my first post about.  Just click here! 🙂
You can find the Biscuit Paint Wall at: 1435 Wertheimer Road, Houston, Texas 77006 
Biscuit Paint Wall- Places I Will Go


Up next we have the “Greetings From Houston” mural.  It’s located in the very hip area of town known as The Heights.  It’s painted on the side of a small restaurant along a nice little side street.  It wasn’t that difficult to find parking but you may have to find a spot a ways down from the mural and walk up to it.  It was a perfect Spring day when we went on out mural tour and there luckily we didn’t have to compete with anyone for out pictures.  Even though there was a steady stream of people taking afternoon walks.  
This is the perfect picture is you’re a tourist visiting Houston.  It’s both postcard and of course Instagram worthy! Oh and don’t forget to stop by Barnaby’s which is this delicious little lunch spot just down the street of the wall.
You can find the Greetings from Houston wall at: 3601 White Oak Drive, Houston, Texas 77007 
Greetings from Houston- Places I Will Go


Our third stop involved getting a little lost and a costume change.  The “Sunshine” mural, as I’ve dubbed it is also located in The Heights area of Houston is located in a place that if you’re not careful you’ll miss it.  The directions will tell you it’s next to the Wells Fargo but in reality it’s just across the street from the bank so don’t let iMaps fool you.  While not especially colorful or unique this little spot would be adorable for a few pictures with your special someone or even your kiddos.  Be aware that the rest of the area isn’t the most picturesque, but there are a few shops and restaurants in the area if you’re in the mood for shopping or a little lunch.  
You can find the “Sunshine” mural at: 1948 Rutland Street, Houston, Texas 77008 

Sunshine Mural-Places I Will Go


If you’ve been to Houston since Snapchat hit social media, you may have seen the next mural as one of the images you can tag to your snap.  It’s just on the outskirts of Downtown Houston and close to Minute Maid park.  I’m honestly not sure why they call it the “zipper” wall because in my humble opinion it looks nothing like a zipper.  But it is very colorful and fun to look at.  Surrounding the wall are several other murals including: one dedicated to the Houston Dynamos (the cities soccer team), several weird looking ones that don’t really make sense, another wall dedicated to Houston, a wall dedicated to the armed forces, and finally the wall facing the main street is dedicated to the University of Houston.  
It’s a pretty neat little area and there was a constant stream of people wandering around and taking pictures in front of all the murals.  It has a real urban feel to it, which makes sense since it’s close to the most urban area of the city.  
You can find the Zipper wall and the other murals near: 2011 Leeland, Houston, Texas 77003 

Zipper Wall - Places I Will Go

There are several more murals located around the city.  I’m including them at the end of this post just in case you’ve an inkling to see all of them!

Preservons La Creation – 2800 San Jacinto Street, Houston, Texas, 77004
Lawndale Art Center – 4912 Main Street, Houston, Texas, 77002
Gorilla Art – 2110 Washington Avenue, Houston, Texas 77007
Mina Hamada and Zosen Mural – 800 Chartres, Houston, Texas, 77003


If you’re planning a trip to Houston, I highly recommend you add one if not multiple mural stops to your itinerary. Not only do you get to see some pretty neat paint jobs, but you get to see multiple areas of the city.  It really gives you a taste of how diverse the city of Houston is.

Have fun exploring the city, I know we did! 🙂

18 thoughts on “Exploring Houston: Murals of the City

  1. Love how bright and fun these are! We have a ton of murals here in Baltimore as well, and I've always liked how art like that brings character to any city. I found you via twitter and Chrystina this morning, and this was a nice and cheery start to the day! 🙂


  2. Love this post! I live in Houston and actually just visited the Biscuit wall earlier this week to take some pictures. I've been wanting to know where more murals are, so I'm pinning this post so I don't forget! 🙂 X,Cristinacristinawashere.com


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