Oh Hey Friday: |5 Things I’m Most Looking Forward to at THRIVE!|

Well it’s finally here y’all!  It’s finally time for my very first blog conference!  I have been so excited for this weekend for so long that it’s hard to believe it’s finally here.

So in honor of such a momentous occasion for myself and my little space of the internet, I have decided to dedicate this Oh Hey Friday post to the top 5 things I’m most looking forward to about the Thrive Blog Conference!

[one] Being around other bloggers!  There is just something about being around a group of women who are as into the blogging world as I am that makes me very happy.  I realized this a few weekends ago when I met Ashley from The Wandering Weekenders.  When you meet someone in real life who’s blog you’ve been reading on a weekly basis you feel like you already know the person.  There is definitely a connection between bloggers that non-bloggers just don’t understand.  Plus I cannot wait to see/meet some of the bloggers who’s blogs I’ve been reading since moving to Houston!

[two]  All the learning!  This is the main reason I’m going to the conference.  I want to learn how to really build this little space of mine.  Not that I’m expecting to become some big time blogger where I can quit my job and blog full time (although that would be amazing).  But I do want to learn a few things about what I can do to grow.  I’m most looking to the sessions about photography, growing your social media following, and working with sponsors.  I’ve stalked  browsed the blogs of the speakers and they all seem amazing!

[three]  What I’m planning to wear to the conference!  Ok this may sound totally lame but I am so excited to wear the new dress I bought for the conference.  It is perfect!  You can see a sneak peak of it here.  And the best part is I got it from Francesca’s Collections, who just so happens to be a sponsor of the conference this year.  I’m also pretty pumped for the dress I’m wearing to Friday’s meet and mingle event.  The dress belongs to my roommate and I’ve been eyeing it for a while now.

[four]  The decor!  Since I found out about last years conference too late I was stuck drooling over all the attendee’s Instagram pictures via the hashtag #thriveblogcon.  And y’all the decor was so stinkin cute!  Look at these pictures from last year!

(Photos courtesy of Meg Cady Photography)
And I just know this year will be no different! So excited to see what they’ve come up with for this year!

[five] Going home inspired!  I think this is what I’m most looking forward to.  I’ve decided that that is going to be my goal for the whole conference.  I plan to get as much out of this conference as I can so that on my drive home I am inspired to make this space better than it has ever been.  So that I am inspired to step out of my comfort zone and do things I normally would be scared or nervous doing.   I even found the cutest notebook at Target that I plan to take notes in that has that exact word written on the front.

I will be INSPIRED when I walk out of Thrive!

Have a great weekend friends!  I cannot wait to share all about Thrive with you next week! 🙂
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4 thoughts on “Oh Hey Friday: |5 Things I’m Most Looking Forward to at THRIVE!|

  1. I'm so excited for you, and I know that you're going to have such a blast not only meeting other bloggers, but learning about all things blog too! I can't wait to see what your dress looks like, and read/hear all about it next week! Until then I'll be stalking your Instagram for pictures all things Thrive!


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