The Merriest Weekend of Them All!

Hi friends!
Welcome to the very last week of December and of 2015.  I mean what?  Where the heck has time gone.  I’m pretty sure I’ve said that statement at least 20 times in the last month or so but it’s so true!  2015 has absolutely flown by and I am so ready to say hello to 2016!
The weekend was by far the merriest of weekends!  Which is good since it was Christmas!  
Here were the highlights!
Christmas morning dawned bright and early.  We had a very laid back morning.  Mom and I sipped coffee while we watched The Family Stone until my brother and dad decided to roll out of bed.  Then we did the tradition opening of stockings and presents.  I was very spoiled this year and loved every minute of it.  My mom went above and beyond in the gift area and got me pretty much every thing on my Christmas list!  I got my Kendra Scott earrings (thanks to my loving brother), the herringbone vest, and the Citizen watch!  I cannot wait to wear the watch, sadly it’s a tad big so I want to wait to get it sized properly before I wear it.
After presents we had a yummy Christmas Day breakfast fixed by my mom.  Then later in the day my mom, brother and I went for our traditional Christmas day movie.  We saw the new Star Wars movie. Which I loved!  I’ve never seen the other movies so I was tad worried I would have no idea whats going on, but luckily that wasn’t the case.  Although now I really want to watch the first 6.

Christmas dinner consisted of gumbo and rice prepared by my dad.  We ended the night watching a Christmas classic, Bad Santa.  It was the perfect Christmas.  Just our close immediate family with lots of laughs, good food and of course presents! 🙂
Mom and I got up bright and early the day after Christmas and went to the Dillards after Christmas sale, where I picked up the perfect Christmas pillows for next year!  The rest of the day was spent inside because we had a little snow storm blow across our little desert city and kept us homebound for the next 46 hours.  Mom and I spend most of Saturday glued to the TV as we watched yet another Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family (which is apparently changing its name to Freeform come January, I’m sorry what? Not a fan).
It literally snowed from about noon on Saturday until around 1:00 or so on Sunday.  It was AMAZING!! Keep reading and you can see a bunch of super cool pictures I took! 

Not only was Harry Potter on TV, but I used the time to color two full pages in my Harry Potter coloring book!


We were completely snowed in.  The only time I left the house was to take these pictures.  I think we got about 6-7 inches at our house alone.  So the day was spent laying around and watching TV all day, followed by a little more coloring, some reading, and a lot of napping.  We had fire going most of the day and of course lots of hot tea was consumed.  It was the perfect little snow day.  I’m so glad I finally got some actual winter this holiday season.

Texas weather was ridiculous this past weekend.  While El Paso experienced a little snow storm the rest of the state had lots of rain and heat.  So weird.

Ok on to the pictures! Enjoy our little taste of winter wonderland! : )

Sorry for the overload on the snow pictures.  But this never happens and it needed to be documented! 

Christmas 2015 was absolutely perfect if I do say so myself.  I am so blessed to have such a loving family and count my blessings every single day for everything the lord has blessed me with.  
I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas too!

3 thoughts on “The Merriest Weekend of Them All!

  1. I was practically drooling over all of your snow pictures! Even if it wasn't right on time, you still had a white Christmas! So glad you got your Kendra earrings! They're so pretty, and you'll be able to wear them all the time! It had been forever since my mom saw Episodes IV-VI of Star Wars, but she really liked Episode VII too! I hope you like the other movies as much as the new one!


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