Currently [December]

Feeling…. ready for the semester to be over and done with.  It has been a struggle leaving my comfy bed in the morning to get up and give finals all week. Thank goodness that is only 1 day left!

Reading….The Magicians by Lev Grossman.  So far so good.  I’m a sucker for books related to magic (thank you Harry Potter) and so far this one is pretty good.

Drinking….nothing.  I didn’t have time to make my to go coffee this morning so I’m having to wait until 1st period ends so I can go fix myself a cup in the teachers lounge. I really don’t know how I’m functioning right now.

Watching….my 4th period kiddos take their final.  Yes, I am blogging at work with students in my room. They’re all concentrating so hard its pretty hilarious watching their faces as they try to remember everything we’ve learned about the US Constitution.

Thinking about….SO MANY THINGS!  All the Christmas presents I still need to buy, where I want to go for Spring Break (I’m trying to decide between California and Atlanta  I think), the fact that I should have gotten up earlier to make my coffee, did I remember to turn off my straightener this morning……it’s endless right now.

Working on….I should be grading my students notebooks but instead I’m typing this post. And will be coloring in my Harry Potter coloring book at some point in the near future today! 🙂

Wearing…. a grey sweater (Old Navy), maroon corduroy pants (JCrew), Tory Burch Flats.

Looking….forward to next week.  I cannot wait for all the Christmas festivities to start!  I’m really excited about some of the gifts I’m getting people and I cannot wait for them to open them.  I’m also looking forward to Christmas Day.  It’s one of my favorite days of the year because we have a little tradition established within my family.  I’ll share more on it next week!

Wishing…. that it was actually cold this December.  Y’all the temperature the last few days in Texas have been in the 80s!  THE 80s!!!!  I’m sorry I’m all for the warmth, but it is Christmas. And there is just something wrong with a hot Christmas.  You’d think I would be used it seeing as I’ve only ever lived in Florida and Texas, but I’m not.  Just once in my life I want to life in a place that sees a white Christmas.  Just. once.

Loving….my new computer.  Sorry if you’re getting tired of hearing about it but I just love it.  I went and took some more Christmas card pictures for another friend/co-worker an they were so much easier to edit on my iMac than my Macbook.  The pictures were so clear and crisp.  Bah.  I’m obsessed.  Here were a few of my favorites from of little session:

Laughing at….these funnies from Pinterest:

Happy Thursday friends! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Currently [December]

  1. Ahhhhh an adult Harry Potter coloring book??? THAT is the one I need in my life!!! I'm ready for the semester (or whatever) to be over before winter break. I'm ready for winter break soooooo much!!!


  2. You are a multi-tasking machine! I think that coloring in your Harry Potter coloring book sounds like way more fun than grading papers. And I would be so excited about a new computer too! I remember when I got my MacBook 2 years ago, it was one of the best presents I've ever gotten! I still treasure it so much. And amen on having cooler weather! The sun is currently streaming into my office and making it feel about 80 in here, and we're a week away from Christmas!


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