Currently [August]

I just realized it’s the last week of August.  I’m sorry what?  It feels like yesterday I was typing out how excited I was for Europe and school and now it’s almost September!?  Before you know it I’ll be putting up my Christmas tree and saying goodbye to my students for winter break!

For now though I thought I’d give you a tiny update on a few things.  SO here is what I am…..

Feeling…surprised and relieved.  I’m surprised because I have had such a successful first 3 days.  We had our first real history based lesson today and I was shocked because most of my students were actually participating in the lesson.  It was like pulling teeth getting my students to participate last year!  I’m feeling relieved because the first week of school is almost over!

Reading…All the Light We Cannot See.  I started the book while in Europe but haven’t had a single moment free to read nor have I felt like picking up a book and reading at all.  Which is strange for me because I can usually read anytime, anywhere.

Drinking…Dr. Pepper.  Even thought I should be drinking water.  I set a goal for myself to drink more water and I have failed miserably.  Any tips y’all have to help with drinking more water would be much appreciated! 

Watching…the latest episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, for the second time.  There really isn’t anything else on.  But I am SOOOO excited for all my fall shows to come back in a few weeks!

Thinking about…

Wearing…School volleyball shirt and yoga pants.  Said yoga pants have a nice big hole in the front now so they can no longer be worn out of the house.  But they are my most comfortable ones and so I still wear them out of the house.

Working on…Lessons for next week.  We’re going to be over our first two settlements, Jamestown and Plymouth.  Another of my goals this school year is to be prepared with all my lessons at least a week in advance.  I don’t want to be pulling together lessons the day of…wait what?  Sorry I mean the day before, because you know, teachers never do that.

Excited about…Ladies of London coming back to Bravo!!  Woo hoo! I absolutely LOVED the first season and cannot wait to see what my favorite American turned Brit Bravo-leberities have been up too.

Loving…these shoes, this sweater, and this quote….

What a nice thought! 🙂

Have a great Thursday!

6 thoughts on “Currently [August]

  1. I can't wait for all of the fall shows either! I'm finally caught up on a few more, so I'll have even more shows on our DVR. Ladies of London is awesome and I can't wait for that one either! So glad you're first week is going so well! And I had the same reaction earlier this week, Christmas is going to be here before we know it!


  2. I cannot wait for my fall shows to come on either!! I have trouble drinking water too! I have started trying to drink half of my daily water amount by the end of lunch. I also love sparkling water or adding lemons, limes, mint, etc. to my water! Love the last quote – so true!!


  3. Keeping a big tervis (with a straw) of water on my desk and drinking it throughout the school day worked for me. Now that I do t have my own room I have a hard time drinking as much. I feel like I drink so much more when there's a straw though ☺️. Glad you had a great first week! It's bittersweet seeing everyone's back to school pics, I miss that feeling!


  4. My bf is a big fan of Dr Pepper but it's so expensive here in Belgium that it puts him off buying it haha. I like to carry my water around in a bottle, I have a bottle on my desk at work and another bottle for at home. I find this makes me drink more water for some reason, I carry it into the kitchen when we cook, to bed in the evening and out with me sometimes. Works for me, I can now drink about 2 litres a day consistently. Sometimes 3. I am so looking forward to the new seasons beginning in September!


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