Classroom Tour: Ms. Norris’ 8th Grade US History Class

And just like that, the first two days of school are officially over.  And I survived!  So far things are going pretty great.  So great in fact that I’m little worried that it’s all too good to be true.  But I’m gonna hold on to these first two days for as long as I can, because I know it’s just a matter of time before a few of these precious 8th graders of mine show me their true colors.  I’ll be ready for them when they do! 🙂

Ok so I’ve spent the last week and most of my bank account getting my classroom ready for that oh so exciting first day of school.  And 5 paper cuts, 2 trips to Hobby Lobby, 3 trips to Target, 4 boxes of supplies and materials, and 2 Saturday mornings later, it looks pretty dang good if you ask me!  And I am so excited to share it with you!

I went with the same theme as last year, because I still loved it.  Turquoise, black, gold, and leopard were my main colors/patterns.  I did add ones extra pattern this year and that was chevron and I’m obsessed.  I could spend hours in this room and be completely ok with it.

Here it is!

I have my desks set up like this for the first week of school.  I want to get a feel for all the kids personalities, makes notes on who they should not be sitting next too, figure out who needs to be up front, etc.  Monday morning they will walk in and it will be set up completely different and they will have new assigned seats.  Most likely they will be sitting in pairs. Plus some of these desks will be taken out because thankfully I don’t have more than 22 students in a class and I have 30 desks.  So hello extra floor space! 

I have a Smart Board!! These babies are the bomb dot com!  I’m obsessed with it and cannot wait to find out all the things it can do.  #technologynerd

One of my goals this year is to have my class run like a well oiled machine.  To accomplish this I’ve set my classes up with very specific procedures I want them to follow throughout the time they are in my class.  I did not do this last year and I think that if I did I wouldn’t have had as many issues as I did.  I’ve found that structure is the key to good classroom management.  The more structured you class is they less time students have to misbehave.

The desks are all labeled with numbers and either an A or B, on red, white, and blue stars (because ‘MERICA) to make it easier when I need the kids to work in groups or in pairs.  That way I don’t have to worry about assigning numbers and there being lots of confusion.  So far it’s worked great!

These little babies right here are my by far my favorite thing in the classroom!  Jenny made them for me with her sewing machine!  They add SO much to the room it’s insane!  And they help the portion of me that is type A, stay sane so I don’t have to see the clutter that is on the bookshelves.  Behind these curtains you will find the class crates for student to store their notebooks, resource material for the class, and extra supplies.
(Sidenote: Jenny just started a blog of her own. So go check out! Rants and Raves by Jenny.  She’s pretty funny!)

My desk area isn’t 100% complete yet.  I printed out a ton of Instagram pictures last weekend and intend to showcase them somewhere in this area.  But I’ve literally had zero time to think about that because I’ve had about 5,000 other things to do in the last two days.

Well there ya have it!  Ms. Norris’ 8th Grade Us History classroom.  What do ya think? Would you wanna be in my class?!  Fingers crossed you would! 🙂

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