All the Pretty Flowers

One of my very favorite parts of Amsterdam was the Bloemenmarkt or Flower Market in close proximity to the Amstel River.  It’s located right next to Rembrandt Square and was a convenient five minute walk from our hotel, the Eden Rembrandt Hotel. Sadly we missed seeing it the first day we were in town, the market’s hours are from 9am to 7pm every day. So the next day we made it a point to head there after we biked to the Van Gogh Museum and before we headed to the Anne Frank House.  
The market itself is a row of tents where flower venders set up all of their bulbs (of pretty much any flower you could think of), real flowers in gorgeous bouquets, souvenirs, and even fake flower arrangements.  If you plan to purchase an of the bulbs and you’re traveling back to the US and Canada, you must purchase the specially marked pre-packaged bulbs that specifically say are for transport to the US and Canada.  You will not be able to come through customs with bulbs that are not packaged properly and have the proper inspection stickers.  I didn’t buy an of the tulip bulbs myself but Jenny did and she had no problems getting them through customs.  Just be sure to buy the correctly marked ones and you’re golden.  
Directly across from the market are tons of other little specialty shops, such as “coffeeshops”, christmas themed shops, and pannekoeken restaurants.  We ate at the cutest little pannekoeken restaurant right across for the market and sadly I cannot remember the name of it and neither can Jenny.  I think it was called The Old Dutch Pancake House, but that could be wrong. If you don’t know what pannekoeken is just think of a crepe just slightly thicker.  It was delicious! 🙂
And now to let the flowers speak for themselves! 🙂
Disclaimer:  I had no clue that “no picture” sign was there until after I got home from the trip and was going through the pictures.  All of these flowers were in the very first stall we went into and I was clicking away for quite a while and none of the employees said anything to me.  So either they really didn’t care that much OR they just didn’t see me.  I’m gonna go with they didn’t see me.  Either way, I took the pictures and am glad I did.  Because now I can share them with y’all! 🙂

I wanted to buy every single fresh flower they had.  But sadly I could not.  But if I lived in Amsterdam the Flower Market would be getting my business, EVERY WEEK!
Happy Thursday! 🙂

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