Currently [July]

Somehow it’s become a tradition for me to do “Currently” posts on Wednesdays of every month.  So I think I’ll stick with the tradition.  
Here is what I’m

Feeling…Excited, anxious, and READY!!  Excited for the trip obviously, anxious that I don’t have everything I need, and ready to be on our way!  The day after tomorrow we will be!

Reading…The Longest Ride, which I started last weekend but haven’t picked up since.  And listening to Big Little Lies via Audiobook still.  Since I haven’t been in the car for super long I haven’t had a chance to listen to much of it.  But I did spend most of yesterday listening to it while I was doing things around the house and while I ran a few errands.

Drinking…Coffee. (Even though I should be drinking water.

Watching…The Today Show.  Ever since I went and stayed with Ashley I’ve been addicted to watching it in the mornings.  She loves the Today Show and now so do I.  It’s just nice to have on in the back ground as I drink coffee and read blogs in the morning.  (Thank you summer.)  Which now that I think about I’m going to have to start savoring because it’s something I will not be able to do once school starts.

Thinking about…My “to-do” list for today and tomorrow.  I have to head to the bank today and get some currency exchanged.  And I’m worried that the exchange rate is going to be more than what I’ve planned it out to be.  I also need to pay all my bills that are due while I’m gone.  And I need to finish finalizing my outfits for the trip.  BAH…SO MUCH TO DO!!!

Oh and my fur babies.  I know my brother is taking great care of them because he sends me pictures but still I miss their presence in the house.  It’s just not the same.

Wearing…PJs.  Comfy comfy this morning.

Working on…This post.  And posts for tomorrow and Friday.  I should also probably be setting up something for while I’m gone here on the blog, but you know what.  I just don’t want to.  I think it’s gonna be pretty quite here on the blog while I’m gone.  But I did download the Blogger app to my iPad so maybe….just maybe I’ll blog once or twice from Europe.  Give you little updates or something.  We shall see! 🙂

Excited about…Once again many things.  The idea of traveling and Europe itself obviously.  But I’m also weirdly excited for school to start.  If only because I’m starting at a new school so it’s all fresh! 🙂  Did I mention I leave for Europe the day after tomorrow?

Loving…this wonderful life I have.  It may not be perfect to some because I’m still single at 27 and have no children.  But you know what….I’m pretty happy with it right now.  I have a job and I can provide for and take care of myself.  That’s pretty darn cool when you think about it!

Have a great Wednesday! 🙂

What are you currently up to?

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