The Weekend [Family Reunion Edition]

This weekend was super different from most of my weekends.  I spent it pretty much disconnected from the social media world.  And it was awesome.
I attended the Boswell family reunion.  A reunion that has been held on my maternal grandfather’s side of the family since the 1930s.  The family has done an amazing job of making sure that we all get together every two years.  From what I understand the only times we’ve missed were during World War II and… other time that I can’t remember right now.  I hadn’t been to a reunion in since 2007.  So I was excited to get to see everyone again.  
This year the reunion was held outside of Corsicana, Texas at a ranch called Camp Forrest.  It was totally picturesque and secluded.  And it  can only be rented out for one event at a time, so we had the entire place to ourselves.  When we got there I hardly recognized anyone but it didn’t take long to sort everyone out.  Which I will not explain here because, well it’s pretty boring to be honest and there are a ton of us!  
So instead I’ll give you the highlights of the weekend:
– Friday night was spent catching up with family members I hadn’t seen in 8 years.
– Looking through all the family photo albums dating back to the 1950s.
– Getting to disconnect from the world for 48 hours was nice.  (When I got back to a place I had service my phone pretty much blew up.)
-Played with two of the sweetest barn kittens ever. 
– Spent all of Saturday pool side, something I hadn’t done in ages.
– Got a fun little sunburn on my forehead and nose and in weird splotches on arms/neck where I clearly missed sun screen.  Don’t you just love it when that happens.
– Taking our bi-annual family pictures.  We always take individual family pictures and generation pictures.  I am part of the 5th generation.  We also always take a youngest and oldest picture.  I don’t have any of those to share because our family photographer (one of the cousins) took them.
— Eating a yummy BBQ dinner catered by a local BBQ restaurant.
– Got some more practice with my DSLR camera.  You can see those pictures below.  
– Learned how to play a new game (well new to me) called, Tile Rummy.  It’s basically a mixture of gin and dominos and is super fun.  I plan to buy the game for our family cabin.  
– Talked and talked and talked and talked some more.  There was a lot of talking this weekend.  
Here are a few pictures from the weekend.  Sadly my brother had to miss out on all the fun because he had a gold tournament to run.    

Overall it was the perfect little reunion.  I’m so glad that my family has a tradition like this.  Especially one that we stick to and are committed to continuing for many years to come.

Another great weekend in the books! 🙂

PS. Only 5 days till Europe!!!!!!!!! EEEEEKKKK!!! So close!

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