Longest Blogging Hiatus in the History of Blogging Hiatus’

Hello?  Is anyone there? Testing….testing…..can anyone in blog world hear/read me?

Oh good! I still know how this thing works!  I was afraid I’d completely forgotten.

Y’all it has been a FULL YEAR since I’ve written anything.  A FULL YEAR! Almost to the day.

I’m actually really ashamed of myself for being such a terrible blogger after having blogged fairly consistently for 2-ish years. Shame on me for ignoring my little space of the internet for so long.

Alas, this past year has been an unbelievable mix of excitement and exhaustion.  But every time I sat down to post a picture, share a recipe, show off a cute outfit, describe all my classes and the times my students drove me absolutely crazy or made me glow with pride….I just couldn’t do it.  And to be honest I’m not even really sure why.

SO…….I’ve decided to move on and start fresh.

I may time travel in the near future and share some pictures/moments from my first year of teaching high school.  But lucky for me, I’m still living up to my blog name.  I can still chronicle all the “Places I Will Go”.  Why?  Well because I still have places I am going.  I made a huge decision about 2 months into the school year.  I decided to move back to Texas. (insert shocked face here!)  It’s not something I ever really thought was going to happen.  I figured Florida would be it for me.

TIME OUT (if you just pictured Zach Morris then you get an A++!)  I will get into the hows and whys to that major decision soon.

Yes, I am back in the Long Star State and starting a brand new chapter in the book called “Me”.  I have a new job (still teaching!) and will be living in a brand new city.

While it has been a solid year since I’ve shared pieces of my life on my little piece of the internet. I’m happy to say I’m BACK and ready to jump right back into this as if I didn’t just take the longest blogging hiatus in the history of blogging hiatus’!

OH! And just in case you’ve forgotten what I look like…..(Yes, its a selfie!)

Till Monday! 🙂

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