H54F and My Worst Traits

Obviously my attempt at blogging everyday has gone phenomenally well.  I mean look, I’ve done 10 days out of 24.  You’re impressed I can tell.

My week has been a series of adjustments.  Luckily for me they’ve all been fairly easy adjustments.  The roughest one has been trying to figure out what time I need to leave for work so I’m not 45 minutes early every day.  I used to live literally 10 minutes from work and now I have an actual commute.  Anyway, the point is Sadie and I are adjusting well to our new surroundings.
So on with the goods for today.
Day 24: List your 3 worst traits.
1.  I have this thing where I say the first thing that comes out of my mouth without thinking first.  Sometimes.  It doesn’t happen all the time but it happens often enough that it’s been commented on a time or two by some of my friends.  I’ll have more on this tomorrow though because even though it may be one of my “worst traits” there is a way that it’s actually been one of my better traits.  (I think).
2.  I’m lazy.  I like to tell myself that it’s not a bad trait, but I constantly make to do lists and never get them done because I’d rather sit on my couch and do absolutely nothing.  And because I’m lazy it also turns me into a procrastinator.  Which isn’t a good thing either. 
3.  I don’t act my age.  Now this may not sound like a bad thing.  But trust me, it is.  Nine times out of ten, I would rather sit at home with a cup of tea and a good book then go out with my friends.  In my head this is just fine.  But at the same time I know it prevents me from meeting new people, which in turn may be one of the reasons I’m probably gonna be a crazy cat lady by the time I’m 40.  I may be 25 but I act like I’m 65.  

Ok now that I’ve shared some of the worst things about myself, I want to share my five favorite things from the week.  Because all in all its been a great one! 

1. Essie new summer line is out. Woo Hoo! Now I just need to decided which ones to add to my collection.  
2. It’s summer in Florida again, so that means it rains everyday between 3 and 6.  And we’ve had ridiculous storms the last week.  Add traffic to that and you have two of my least favorite things. Driving in the rain and traffic. Gross.
3. My friend Jordan (who just started her very own blog that you can read here) made us home made stuff crust pizza.  IT WAS DELICIOUS! 
4. Sadie is slowly but surely adapting to living in an apartment with another cat.  But it doesn’t help when that other cat sits at the end of the hall way and prevents her from coming out of the bedroom.  It’s a work in progress.
5. Two of my favorite things happened this morning. 
Have a great Friday friends! 🙂 

7 thoughts on “H54F and My Worst Traits

  1. Girl, I'm lazy too! I sit & think about all the things I could/should be doing besides sitting on the couch watching TV & then I think \”eh, I'll get it done tomorrow!\” Why is the couch just so darn comfy & reality TV so enticing?!


  2. Oh my goodness lady! I totally understand being a young 20 something, dying to meet people, yet totally not willing to sacrafice my alone \”I'm an old lady\” time! haha.


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